Sinking Sand

I want to go back to a simpler time when,
we’d spend our days by the beach and then,
play in the waves, toes sinking in the sand.

Come now, take my hand,
Promise me my future won’t remain this bland.
I just need something to hold on to.

I just want that to be you,
Please help me through,
Just one more night and I swear

I’ll fade away no longer there,
No more suffocation, stealing your air.
Never to be seen again.


2 thoughts on “Sinking Sand

  1. I liked this because the first stanza brought back memories from that rather simpler time when I was on a bitterly cold North-Eastern beach in County Durham. It was always bitterly cold, but we were determined to get some colour, even if it was only blue. Your writing may not have had quite the effect you hoped for on this occasion, but it certainly had an effect. Good luck for the future.

    1. Any effect no matter what is is is good though! I think that’s the great thing about writing, different people can take different things away from the same piece of work. And I think that’s amazing.

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