I Love You So

I wrote a song for someone once, with the idea that she’d eventually record it and she actually did! I completely forgot that I’d put the poem/song up here and I’ve just been reading through my poetry on the site as I’ve rediscovered a love for writing it and I stumbled across it again so here is the song as performed by the lovely Chlo O’Donnell (psst, she’s really good you should check her out!) and below the video (after the jump) I’ll put a link to the lyrics!



3 thoughts on “I Love You So

  1. one word ‘wow’ I have to admit that it was not conventional love that I was thinking about listening to this but actually about the death of a loved one and the way this song translate to those feelings of loss as well hope you don;t mind me sharing with few friends

    1. Thanks a lot! No of course I don’t mind you sharing it around!

      I can see what you mean about it being based around the death of a loved one, I never saw it that way. I think it’s amazing how people can take a different thing away from the same piece of work.

      1. it actually made me think of a couple of friends who have lost children recently it could almost be the child speaking down from heaven

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