Writing Playlist: Top Artists and Tracks

I just thought this would be interesting to share to you guys that are interested in the music I share. This is taken from my Last.fm account. (Add me as a friend if you have it!)

But yeah these are my top tracks and top artists. I like to think I have a nice eclectic taste in music and this helps prove it.



3 thoughts on “Writing Playlist: Top Artists and Tracks

    1. It kind of works as a personalised radio station yeah, but the main feature is you download a piece of software called a “scrobbler” and this just shares whatever you are listening to on your media player and your iPod with your profile online so you can track what you most listened to song is, be it in a week, a month, a year etc. Same with Artists and Albums.

      They also offer you free mp3 downloads from time to time of bands related to what you listen to.

      But yeah, there is a radio feature, when you click it it will stream random songs similar to the artists you have listened too (:

      1. Very cool and interesting.

        I’ll pass on it though.
        I’m ‘apped out’ at the moment

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