Last Night

“Last night I had the strangest sensation.
Falling slowly but in actuality,
I was stationary, in the same location.”

Hello there! Just a quick update to tell you about a weird feeling I had last night whilst led in bed, I started to write that first sentence and the next too came to me so thought I would just put it in quotes and it could be a nice little ice breaker for this here blog post.

But yeah, I had a weird sensation last whilst led in bed (not the falling sensation which that short ditty refers to). It was the feeling that someone had climbed on to my bed and settled next to me. Let me help you picture the scene.

I rearranged my room last night at silly o’clock (that is a real time shh) and I was tired from only a small amount of sleep the night before so by the time I got in bed I was pretty drained, and I felt miserable for no explainable reason. I was just very teary which is unfortunate. I put on my headphones and had some slow music playing (Justin Timberlake’s new album (which by the way is amazing (No seriously, go listen to it))).

And then I had the sensation of my matress dipping as if to suggest someone had climbed on to and shuffled up to my side and was now lying next to me. The sensation felt so real and the room was so dark and I was so so tired that I was no longer sure it was just my mind interpreting other things and making them into something I wanted (someone next to me to comfort me in my sadness). It felt so real that I actually reached out and patted down my bed to see if there was indeed anything tangible there.

There wasn’t.

I then felt a small kiss on my neck and some breathing in my ear then I felt what I believed was someone exiting the bed, the mattress returning to how it should have felt with just one person in the bed. In its place a sense of loneliness rushed in to fill the void and the misery was overwhelming.

Now, I’m pretty sure this wasn’t a dream because I’m pretty certain that I was aware and I paused the music on my iPod and then resumed it after this had all happened.

All this is probably explained by the mattress springs pinging about after I had moved the bed and mattress around, but it felt so real. So tangible. Like I was no longer alone, when in fact I was just as alone as I always feel.

I know this has been a pretty glum post so here is a picture of a cat:


5 thoughts on “Last Night

  1. At a previous house people used to glance out of the window and tells there was someone in the garden, we also went out ourselves several times thinking someone had walked in thinking there was a way to the road that backed on to us. All the descriptions matched of a man with a very coarse fabric or sacking cover over his head and back. He always followed the same route down the path and left into the side of the greenhouse where he’d vanish from view.
    We know that there were records of a medieval monastery somewhere in the vicinity and that the wall of the garden was supposedly built with stone recycled from the ruins of it.
    I sensed or saw him most often myself when I was unhappy.

      1. It never felt creepy, in fact looking back it was more like watching a video replay. you just saw it from the corner of your eye, by the time you got there it was gone, in fact if so many people hadn’t seen it over the years I’d probably have dismissed it as a nothing.
        I’m sad that you’re in a blue mood but unhappiness is all part of life – it’s how you respond to it that matters.
        I was never a believer in ‘Angels’ but I know quite a few people who are and my late mother used to have regular telephone calls from her guardian angel in her dreams, she would talk her side of the conversation out loud in her sleep. there are definitely more than things in heaven and earth than we’ll ever know; I’d just accept that somewhere out there is someone who loves and cares about you and wants you to smile so much that physical boundaries mean nothing in comparison.

    1. I think it was just a mixture of exhaustion and bed springs being crazy. I’ve had an experienced like that before though. When my grandad died I used to have these really vivid dreams that he was watching me and dad used to say he was watching over me

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