I. Am. Done.

Finished. Complete. Fully submitted.

Congrats Diss

My dissertation is finally complete and I handed it in today, or yesterday for me, today for most of you guys because you are American….

It clocked inย at 9723 words…that’s a lot of words. I am surprised I am not all worded out which would be bad you know, considering I am a writer and words are my craft. I even got what I can only describe as a certificate for handing it in (they called it a receipt).

So what is next for me?

Next I am going to have a break from uni related work, I would like to carry on writing something, whether or not I will or not is a different question but if I do obviously I will post it up here. In a week or so’s time I will be continuing on with Dawn, for those of you who don’t know you can find out everything about it here.

What did I do after I handed in my dissertation I hear you ask? I really did hear you ask that! Shh!

In a nutshell I went and got drunk, here is the photographic evidence that I should not be allowed to combine a camera and alcohol.IMG_20130320_203338 IMG_20130320_205433 IMG_20130320_205456 IMG_20130320_205733 IMG_20130320_210331


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