Open Question: Is Guilt Healthy?

Guilt is a terrible feeling, is it not? It can be crippling, it can be torturing, it can have you bashing your head and fists against the bathroom wall as the shower crashes down around you, drowning out the external and keeping you stuck inside your own mind. Thinking. Mulling it over. Feeling guilty.

But is it healthy? Does it serve any practical purpose? I dunno, I mean does feeling guilt make you grow as a person?

My personal opinion is that guilt as it stands is useless, the only way it is beneficial is if you feel the guilt sure, but then put it aside and just accept that what happened, happened and now you must live with the consequences of that, be them large or small. Because letting go of the guilt allows space for healing and personal growth to move in.

What do you think? Is guilt a healthy thing to feel?


4 thoughts on “Open Question: Is Guilt Healthy?

  1. Feeling guilty for something you have done is a warning sign, like pain or hunger. It is alerting your soul to a moral tumor of some kind. Ignore your guilt and you will continue to do the things that led to those feelings. Soon you will be soul-sick.
    Examine the actions that led to these feelings of guilt. That’s a biopsy.
    Stop doing the things that lead to the guilty feelings. That’s a surgical intervention. Literally…cut it out!
    If you have hurt someone by these actions, go to them. Tell them that you have been an ass and you are sorry and wish to change. Ask them to forgive you. That’s post-operative care.
    Even if they don’t forgive…you have still done the right thing and your soul can heal free of the guilt tumor.
    Does this help?

  2. I agree that running things through your head is totally unhealthy, however, the purpose of guilt is to avoid those moments. Guilt is what keeps us from beating our children and spouses and stealing from our employers. It’s sort of more likely to stop you telling people to sod off and pushing into the supermarket queue these days but feeling bad over doing something wrong is how we learn not to do wrong in the first place.

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