Deadline Looming

It’s nearly here, the deadline of my dissertation!

Come Friday I will be free of the 10,000 word academic behemoth and I will be very glad to be done with it because….IT MEANS I CAN START WORKING ON DAWN AGAIN.

As you may (or may not) know, I have been working on a feature film script for a film entitled, Dawn. I did the first very rough draft and since then it has remain untouched because of a mix of personal issues and then when they were just simmering instead of boiling, any work I have done has been on my dissertation. It’s not too the highest standard possible, it’s only around a low 2:1, high 2:2 mark but so far I am looking to graduate with a 2:1…and that’s okay.

I just thought I would provide you all with an update as to what I have been doing in my silence, which in a nut shell is brooding and procrastinating.

Thanks for sticking around guys!


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