Open Question: Are We All Connected?

A view of all the connections made via Facebook marking out the earth.

Are we all connected? Like, on a level above the ordinary we’re connected through social media, physical contact, letters sent too and from lovers?

There’s the age old idea that you’ll be thinking of someone and then they’ll call. Do you believe this is mere coincidence or something working on a separate level, a strange force that we can’t see or feel connecting everyone together? And would it be everyone, or just people you have a special bond with?

Over my life I’ve had a few experiences like this, for specific examples the other day I was sending a message to someone I care about and they text me as I was typing it out saying they were thinking of me. And on a less positive note, a few years ago something happened between an old girlfriend and a best friend of mine and even though I trusted them both at a certain point in the night something changed and I knew something had happened.

Things like this seem to happen to me a lot and I would just write it off as coincidence but the fact of the matter is this: It only seems to be with people I have a deep connection with. It’s not as if it happens with everyone of my friends, just very specific people throughout my life.

I just thought this was an interest thing which I’ve been pondering and it fit with this series of articles, what do you lot think? Leave a comment below!


14 thoughts on “Open Question: Are We All Connected?

  1. Oh I think we are all connected for sure. I’ve seen and experienced too many things to believe they are all coincidences. I personally believe in psychic phenomenon, if you wish to call it that. I also believe everyone is capable of it on some level. As for experts who say there’s no such thing, I reply, “Science hasn’t figured out how to measure it yet. How did you know how to measure radiation levels before you’d ever heard of such things? It was still there regardless.” So yes, I do believe we are all connected.

    1. The thought of us all being connected is both reassuring and disconcerting at the same time for me, because as mentioned below it suggest an almost cosmic hive mind that belies any feeling of individuality. The reassurance comes from the thought that if true, we are never truly alone.

  2. This happens to me quite often actually … and mostly those that I am closet with as well. Sometimes it comes to me in dreams in the form of “something is wrong” or as that mythical sixth sense … which I’ve discovered isn’t really a myth after all. I’ve learned to trust it more and more but it can be a little off-putting at times.

    1. I can imagine it is off putting, for me it is slightly off putting because it almost degrades oneself as an individual being and suggests an almost cosmic hive mind, in the most extravagant over the top sense (:

  3. i think we are sort of constructed in social realities, so that at least at the biological (matter+energy formulations) and cultural context we are, I think. Maybe the uncanny connectives occur along the lines of “wire together / fire together”? Like we have enough shaping experiences shared with another that there are mutual triggers? I don’t know any of that, but it’s interesting.

    1. I think if it was to have a logical explanation and not a “supernatural-esque” explanation, having had similar life experiences shaping the way you think and feel as the same person would line up well with you both doing things at the same time, similar to finishing someones sentence.

  4. my wife speaks a lot about “mirror neurons” – that might explain quite a lot of synchronicity-type experiences as well…our bodies experience what we observe as if they are experiencing it themselves at levels

  5. Absolutely. We are all made of the same particles. We are all matter and energy. We are all parts of the universe. It makes sense that you feel connected with those you are closest with, but in truth there is the potential to have that bond with everyone.

  6. A very interesting thought. I would agree that it is like a ‘sixth sense,’ pulling us in the right direction when others are in need of us. I would go so far as to say it is like the connections of the planet in Avatar, something from our origins which allows us to connect more deeply to others who we care most about.

    1. Yeah (: I do like the idea of people being connected by a higher force whatever that is, things like finish each others sentences etc (whilst explainable) still seems pretty strange in this context (:

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