Dear Amy – Draft 4


Hey sorry again for the absence, been working away on my dissertation and doing a little more work on the Amy Draft which is due in on Tuesday so I have uploaded what is the fourth, and possibly final draft.

Not much has changed from Draft 3 bar some minor details and a small rewrite of the last segment of dialogue right at the end.

Hope you enjoy it and if it gets chosen to be performed live and recorded then I will let you all know but in the mean time consider this finished!

Dear Amy – Monologue – Draft 4



6 thoughts on “Dear Amy – Draft 4

  1. Daniel, from one writer to another: don’t apologize for minor absences. I understand you don’t want to lose your reader base, but when a writer is not blogging, they should be writing, as we know you do. Don’t apologize for that.

  2. dont worry Daniel we have all been there its a hard world being a writer. I think people assume we just spend all day scribbling but the truth is a lot different as you know. So just take it easy one thing at a time and let us all know how you are doing with your UNI work and good luck.

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