Picture It & Write

This is the picture for this weeks Picture It & Write. Picture It & Write is a feature over at Ermilia.

I used to take part in this every time they were posted but eventually I grew too lazy to keep up with it and stopped but after finding some inner well of motivation recently I decided to why not give this weeks a go? And you should too, visit their blog and take part and subscribe! My contribution is below.

I tried to escape but I couldn’t. I’d been created and now the same person that created me, made me who I was is it little by little wearing me down till I’m not even a person anymore.


Who am I? Does being aware mean that I am alive? If I was truly alive then shouldn’t this hurt? But It doesn’t hurt. It just puts fear straight into my heart. I’ve not felt this scared before.

I’m casually being “rubbed out” of life just because I became unnecessary, I became boring. What about my feelings? Why did The Creator not discuss this with me. Am I truly at the whim of some God? My life extinguished because of a bored child with an eraser.

Who knows, if that is truly how it is, maybe not existing anymore is the ideal.


2 thoughts on “Picture It & Write

  1. You are a figment of my imagination – to fill my world, to make it complete.
    Sigh, I tire of this world. Now I shall erase it — for a new world.

    Hope you don’t mind me posting this here. Thank you, Eric 🙂

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