Over To You (An Open Question Question)

So far I have done two “Open Question” pieces and both have had brilliant responses and you all seem to quite enjoy the thinking and commenting and I want to thank each and everyone of you for that. But for Question #3 I would like to pass it over to you.

Comment and let me know of a question you would love to see what other people think about it.

I will credit you for the question and provide a link back to your blog so my readers can hopefully become your readers after seeing how thought provoking you are!

To catch up on past and future Open Questions click here and bookmark the page if you so wish!


One thought on “Over To You (An Open Question Question)

  1. I have, for many years, rejected the phrase “the opposite sex”. To me, it encourages a sense of division, engendering prejudices that we, as a modern society, should be striving to eliminate. It’s almost as if we think of ourselves as being two distinct species, which can (by some freak of genetics) successfully interbreed. Personally, I see fewer differences than similarities. I therefore prefer the term “the complementary gender”. This, I believe, does two things. First, it stresses that we truly do need both male and female, and that we can live in harmony. It takes no more effort than living harmoniously with members of the same gender, if we were honest about it. Sharing living space with anybody else will, inevitably, create stresses. I see no need to regard gender as being significant to that situation. Second, it removes the question of sex. An undue amount of focus on sex has grown in our society, partly thanks to Hollywood, in which sex appears to be the sole reason behind any relationship. But it has now gone so far that every relationship, even same gender ones, is now regarded as being driven solely by sex. That’s another “stresser” that exists implicitly in “the opposite sex”. So, I say let’s set aside the contrived “battle of the sexes” and accept that we are one species, designed to complement, support, nurture and be at peace with each other. Who knows? Perhaps the fate of humanity rests on coming to our senses.

    After the howls of protest, and maybe hysterical laughter, die down, really think about it. Do you support the old “opposite sex” concept, or maybe you can believe in the “complementary gender”?

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