Open Question: Would You Push Rewind?

Open question is something I’d like to try to get the thoughts and opinions of my followers on a subject and allow us to talk and debate etc. If you remember way back when I wrote an article that spoke about my opinions on God and it sparked a lot of debate in the comments and it was always very thoughtful and calm and respectful so I know you guys are up that etc. My last Open Question got a good response and I think this will be a regular thing now as long as you keep coming. Catch up with any Open Questions here.

793666_362975343810587_1253368497_oThis weeks Open Question: Would You Push Rewind?

Life is hard. When go through life on a cause and consequence basis, that is, we make a decision about something (to say or not say this, to do or not do that). But outlooks differ on this topic, some people will live in regret their whole lives (I wish I’d said this, I wish I’d done that) and there are those in the “ah well” camp, those who think that’s done now that’s in my past. It has chipped away at the rough statue and put you a step towards being the perfect you (obviously that’s extreme but you get the point).

I believe I am in the middle somewhere, I do feel regret, every does at some point but I think I can quickly push my mind back to the “ah well” point of view. Because at the end of the day nothing you can do can change that now. It’s done. It’s written in time.

But what if it wasn’t?
What if there was a rewind button. Something allowing you to go back and changing the event you regret and making it more in line with what you believe should have happened in the order you want.

…would you push it?

Would you change the cause thus changing the consequences?

I’d like to think I’d be strong enough to resist and leave the timeline be, but I’m not too sure. There are things in my past I do regret doing and seeing but years on, it isn’t affecting my life now – not in a massively big way anyway so what would be the point?

What do you think guys?


30 thoughts on “Open Question: Would You Push Rewind?

  1. I think it’s interesting to engage hypothetical questions / fantastic realities, like fiction, in order to hear or assess one’s self and one’s actions. My hunch is that I would NOT press rewind, merely because I never know enough to alter an entire web of history AGAIN, while I’m altering webs with my thread with each breath. I think the gravity of the tinkering would sustain me. And, quite honestly, there IS the reality that the things I tend to “regret” are things that open up some of the thickest and strategic unknown places in my own person. Mistakes have always seemed to expose, and I can’t imagine who i’d be without that.

    1. It is interesting to go through things in your head after the fact. I always get the whole “I should have said this…” in my head and then I go on this like massive argument/rant with myself in my head acting out both parts 😛

      But if I ever got the chance too like I said, I’m unsure if I would. As you say you never know enough really to alter the timeline, because just because you have the hindsight to go back and change something you don’t have the new foresight to see what changes those changes would make.

      Like you, the things I regret are the things that shape me. Regret can be a good emotion because you learn from it and you learn not to do it again…most of the time. As there are some things I regret that I probably would do again in a heart beat.

  2. Great question. This is my first time responding. I would not re-wind my decisions, even though I am sure there are some of my readers who would wonder why. The one thing(s) I would rewind are the times when I hurt someone. It was usually something snarky that came out of my mouth. There might even be a moment or two where I would like to have the chance to say something/do something that I didn’t say or do, but these would not effect my life’s outcome.

    Thanks for the question!

    1. Yeah some of my biggest regrets are things I have said in the heat of anger before but then, some of the time at least, that’s what you truly feel just in a better frame of mind you would have held back. There are those though that say things even if they don’t mean them just because they know it will hurt you and cut you deep toying with your biggest weaknesses. I like to think I’ve never done this as I hate people who do do that, as it’s usually someone you trust doing it because they’re the ones who know you well enough to know what to say to cut you so deep. Thanks for the comment!

  3. hm, interesting question, if there is a rewind button I guess I push it not to change something from my past but to thank some people become part of me and to slap the face of some people who fooled me hahaha…. Why I don’t wanna change because all the things done taught me how to be strong and determined in so many ways, I guess things there for the reason ….

  4. Definitely! I would push it right now if I could. I would like to go back to about 21 years of age and do a lot of things differently. The question is, however, even if I could rewind and make changes, would that younger version of me do it? I don’t know about that.

    1. Interesting thought it depends what the rewind button does, you could take it that it transports you back and gives you a second chance and see if fate changes course or it could take you back with the knowledge of what that decision means so you conciously make the opposite decision. Either way it’s a great thing to think about I think.

  5. There is one rewind button I would like to push. I would have just made a certain moment more meaningful. Sometimes, the smallest gesture or saying one word can change everything – in a good way.

  6. i would happily push the rewind button just to relive the old days but i wont change a thing…i regret things i ahve done bad things but i wont change thinsg because i dont want change the course of life because i have met so many amazing people in life.. 🙂
    I wish i could just relive old days again

    1. Yeah I would love to be able to go back and experience some of my past again, especially the summer that I turned 15 cause that’s when I finally found a great group of friends, met my first proper girlfriend etc, that was a very good summer indeed. And even then a lot of bad stuff happened but that shaped me into who I am today and even though I have my flaws I like to think I’m doing alright.

  7. When I think about pushing rewind I catch myself. What would the real effects be? If I went back to school and followed the path I wanted I would not be where I am now…would that be better or worse? If I haven’t married my first husband would I be better off…no because I wouldn’t have my beautiful son. So wishful thinking is one thing but in reality you would lose some very precious gifts – be they people or life experiences that have made you who you are. I wouldn’t mind viewing my alternative life but I don’t think I would change the one I have.

    1. To be given this sort of power you would really have to have a level head I think to stop yourself ruining everything. You would need to be rational and thoughtful and be fully aware of the consequences for changing the past. I like the idea that it wouldn’t just be your destiny you’d be changing either, but it could have a butterfly effect for those around you so it is something that it’d be wise to be hesitant about.

      Thanks for the response 😀

  8. Don’t think I would push rewind. Like the others have said, even the awful things we’ve gone thru have made us the people we are today, and I’m pretty happy with who I am and the people in my life.

    Great blog post, because this really emphasizes the how valuable it is live in the moment.

    1. I guess then the idea of a rewind button would be more appealing to people who don’t like how they are now. To be honest I think most people would in the moment, for example, you break up with a partner for making a mistake and right then and there you wouldn’t hesitate to go back and do it all again. But if you resisted the urge when you’re through the darkness of it all and in the light you would be able to look back and see that to be honest, it may have been for the best.

  9. I wouldn’t want to rewind anything. I have made plenty of mistakes but the older I get the more I realise just how important every choice I have ever made was in making me who I am. Looking back over my life I have also had time to see that in many cases if I had made a different choice things wouldn’t have worked out any better (e.g. jobs I didn’t pursue which would looked better than the ones I did take at the time but went bust or developed in a way which wouldn’t have done me any favours in the long run. People I was sad to let walk out of my life at the time but meeting again years later I was relieved I had let go). That said I am reasonably comfortable living life in my own skin, I accept who I am and the path I walk.

    1. As I mentioned in an earlier reply I think it boils down to the following situation. Given the choice of rewinding I believe most people would push it without hesitating IF they were currently going through something they regret. But once past that and yeah they regret it but it’s not immediate anymore it’s just in the past as long as they’re happy at the moment, what would be the point in going back?

      As you say going back and changing things that looked better at the time may not have been better in the long run.

  10. I think if there was a rewind button I’d use it again and again and again…reliving only the experiences I wanted to and ignoring all the others. And ignoring the present, and growth (which is sometimes a four-letter word anyway). It sounds like a great idea to go back and fix stuff, but in practice I wouldn’t trust me with one! Thanks for the question 🙂

    1. I like the idea that you and a few others have mentioned, about going back to relive memories as opposed to changing them. That would be a very good use of this rewind button.

      Thanks for sharing.

  11. Nah, I wouldn’t…but that’s because I’m absurdly optimistic, I always think (well most of the time) that I live in the best of all possible worlds, and I like even my past. Though on second thoughts, I might go back and say rude things to people, and then disappear into the future.

    1. Nothing absurd about being pessimistic, the only time that would be a problem is if when you become too expectant of people if they let you down if you weren’t strong enough it would crush you. But that’s down to the individual at the end of the day.

      What rude things would you say to people?

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