Picture It & Write

This is the picture for this weeks Picture It & Write. Picture It & Write is a feature over at Ermilia.

I used to take part in this every time they were posted but eventually I grew too lazy to keep up with it and stopped but after finding some inner well of motivation recently I decided to why not give this weeks a go? And you should too, visit their blog and take part and subscribe! My contribution is below.

You hold her close, her shoulder pressing against your jaw. That skin to skin contact saying more than a thousand words could. She was dying and you could feel the warmth draining from her skin and you knew it was inevitable. You’re helpless. Helpless and now alone.Β 

You take a look around, the place you’re in is only faintly illuminated and you can’t see any apparent source. It is time for you to let go now, you turn her head to face you and brush her hair back and slowly kiss her, one last time on the lips. The salty tears track down your skin and drip onto her. The saline washing away lines of the blood that cakes her face, striping. You unwrap your arms from around her and let her float away upon the dark surface of the water you’re in.

You can’t remember how you got here but you know you’ve been here for over a day now. Now you have finished your death watch over her and she is free it is time for you to search for your freedom. You turn, disturbing the water which surrounds you and begin to wade in the opposite direction from your floating, beautiful even in death, love.


8 thoughts on “Picture It & Write

  1. Oh. 😦 How depressing. The love in the words you shared made it even more bittersweet. As Joe mentioned, how she was still beautiful in death, how he could still feel her warmth as it slipped away. Those little details that show how much he loved her. Fantastic storytelling, Daniel. Lovely to read another one of your great contributions to Picture it & write. πŸ™‚

    – Ermisenda

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