Go follow this wonderful blogger. Give her a reason to carry on blogging at the start of this year as she is a very talented and funny person (:!


Well January is almost over, and what can I say about the beginning of 2013? 


The bad:

  • The end of the biggest relationship I have been in.
  • Financial stresses
  • Loss of willpower and motivation
  • In a reading slump
  • Poorly puppy
  • In general cluttered state of mind
  • Drinking too much
  • Smoking too much


The Good:

  • New friends have been made
  • One door closes another one opens etcetcetc
  • More time to myself to get on with university work and heighten some crap grades
  • Beginning to feel inspired to write again 🙂
  • Closer with already existing friends
  • Learnt a lot about myself, not all of it good. But get to work on that now too. 


Nobody wants the deep ins and outs of the bad or the good so there is a nice tidy summary of where I am in 2013. Hoping February is brighter.


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