DAWN – Sample Scene

I thought I would share with you guys what I have been working on. I have been working away filling out the Scene by Scene I did for my feature film DAWN. As my post the other day pointed out I am currently way way WAY under the pages I need to have.

The scene below is around the half hour mark currently but it is meant to come way later in the film, definitely after 45 minutes. The minimum for the script is 90 minutes so as you can see I am under. But as I mentioned in the linked post above this isn’t a bad thing at this moment in time because now I can add more to the film (which I thought seemed a little rushed to be honest), like character development and subplot etc.

Anyway, here is the scene and I hope you like it.
(Just a bit of background info, Alice (A programmer at DAWN labs) has just witnessed Roy (the main character) trash his apartment after Robert (the creator of DAWN) refused to turn off the machine and let Roy die as he wished.)

DAWN – Sample Scene 1


6 thoughts on “DAWN – Sample Scene

    1. Thanks, I’m flying through the scenes tonight. Should have the scene by scene fleshed out in a day or two. Then starts the process of redrafts and adding the scenes I need to add 😀

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