3 Minute Film Idea

JpegI figure it was time to let you guys know my idea, see if I can get a little feedback before tomorrow! After around 12:00GMT I won’t be able to make major changes but for now I figured I would share my idea with you guys to see if there is any improvements I can make before pitching tomorrow.

To the write is a picture of the pillars that are mentioned below. I am including both the premise and the synopsis.

The working title at the moment is “Divide” because of the divide that separates them etc. If you can think of a better one though let me know!


A lonely boy finds solace in the most unlikely of places – in a depressed girl who appears to him through a hole in a set of wooden pillars. For nearly a year he visits the forest where they’ve spoken weekly without fail, but when she doesn’t appear one week the boy fears the worst.


For nearly a year a lonely English BOY has communicated with a depressed GIRL from Los Angeles via a hole in a set of wooden pillars. The boy found hand-shaped recess on the pillar and knew instantly that it was only his hand that fit into this groove. The girl finds a similar groove under Santa Monica pier and they find that these two places are linked when a bright luminescence surrounds their hands, this is how their friendship began. Every week he has gone to the pillars in the woods and she to the pier. They found solace in one another, discovering they can pass trinkets to each other through this mystical portal. He has told her about his drunken father and she has told him of the bullying she goes through on a daily basis from girls in her dorm at UCLA.

One week she tells him the bullying has gone too far and that she can’t cope anymore. When the window closes suddenly mid-conversation, the Boy has no other option than to go home where he sits and worries that she may do something stupid. He decides to buy her a plane ticket to get her to him. The following week he goes back to their meeting spot but she never appears. He waits for a while but but eventually just leaves the ticket in the hole and goes home. As he goes out of sight the same glow that appears around their hands shines through the hole and the tickets vanish.

A week later, the boy sits looking back at keepsakes she had given him. Each one provoking brief memories of her. He is about to put them away when the doorbell rings. The Boy races downstairs and pulls open the door. As the door opens a brilliant radiance shines through and the credits begin to roll.smpier


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