Three Minute Short Films

As you may have seen I am pitching a three minute short film on Thursday and whilst doing some research on other three minute short films I compiled a list of videos that I would like to share with you all. So here they are:

The first short is called “Tenth” and focuses on a dry cleaner who’s decision to let a customer into the shop after hours creates a connection with a woman and her son that is quite unique.

The next one on my list is called “Safe House“. A boy is hunted through the woods in this horror short with a nice twist at the end.

The appropriately named “3 Minutes” is a nice short action piece that is very cinematic in the way in which it is shot.

Different Paths” is a semi-improvised allowing a brief glimpse into a girls life and how she handles the loss of a loved one.

And I have saved the best for last which is an award winning short entitled “Porcelain Unicorn” which focuses on an encounter between a German boy and a Jewish girl in Nazi Germany. In the competition in which it was entered into the lines of dialogue in the film had to be in them all and only those lines of dialogue and I think the writer did an amazing job of crafting a story around those lines.


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