Conclave of Shadows

Hello guys!

I have decided that I don’t want my main blog ( to be where I post personal issues about my life and stresses with uni and blah blah. I want it to be dedicated to my writing and any journalistic articles I write big or small. So I decided to start Conclave of Shadows. (Click and you shall be taken there)

COS will be my personal blog for any rantings and ravings, things that’re interesting to me, things to repost from other blogs etc. This will stream lines into a more focused site where any people who want to check out my written work can without trawling through personal posts unrelated to my writing ability. This decision is largely based on that fact that I graduate in May and want to try and get as professional as I can do.

Feel free to follow me if you believe I will be an interesting character to follow haha!

P.s. The header for the blog is just temporary, I’m going to redesign’s look to make a slightly more universal approach between these two blogs and Fresh Ink another blog I own.


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