DAWN: Scene by Scene [DRAFT 1]

Hi all, good news! I’m ill!

I know that doesn’t sound like good news but it is cause this means I had to call in work sick and I’ve had all morning to carry on with my University work which means I’ve been able to finish off the first draft of the Scene by Scene!

Everyone cheer. Okay you can stop now.

I am uploading it as it is for now, I have till 12:00AM (GMT) tomorrow to hand this in so any feedback between now and then can be enacted, structure wise I don’t have much time to change it as I have to also write the first ten pages of the script, do character biographies for ROY, ALICE and ROBERT. But I’m looking for little bit of plot errors that are easily corrected and also things like spelling and grammar if you come across them.

Also, I would like to change the name of ROY but can’t really think of anything else that doesn’t sound just as lame cause ROY has been in my head for so long now. Any suggestions? I’ll be turning the Scene by Scene into the full script over Christmas and during the next Semester at University in the new year so I can change his name for that!

Hope you’ve all been keeping well! Thanks a lot guys and gals!

DAWN Scene by Scene Breakdown


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