DAWN: Rough Beat Outline

So, after much deliberation on the story and three acts of DAWN I have finally settled on an idea that I think works well, keeping the virtual world I have put a lot of thought into and also making it more of an emotional story focused on the journey of the main character, Roy. I have to thank my house mate for the idea we spent a good idea going over my idea last night and he is very critical of movie’s etc so he nitpicked away at my idea until I settled on something that seemed to appease all bases, obviously as I decided it last night it still needs a little bit of work but I have a beginning, middle and end now and I just need to flesh it out. I am shocked by how much my idea has changed from the original idea that I had.

If you want to see how it has progressed feel free to get up to date with all the posts regarding this film by clicking here.

Below is the rough outline of the script:



  • Depressed – Roy is in a rut.
  • Fed up of his problems and the fact he is dragging her down, Roy’s girlfriend, Anna, leaves him.
  • Nowhere to turn Roy finds solace in the bottom of a bottle.
  • That night Roy tries to overdose but Anna’s friend finds him when she comes to collect some of Anna’s things.
  • Roy is released from hospital – no help for his depression.
  • He gets out of the taxi and straight into his car, heading back out.
  • Parking on a bridge above the motorway he climbs onto the barrier and jumps.
  • FADE TO BLACK: An electronic sound – “Hello, welcome to DAWN Unit.”


  • Roy awakes inside the world of DAWN. DAWN is a virtual world that has been designed for doctors to interact with comatose patients. Roy is the first subject.
  • Roy is taken aback by this new world. He doesn’t know what to think.
  • He is told he can’t take his own life here – it is all virtual.
  • Roy is told that he may never be able to wake to reality again – he may live the rest of his life in this new world.
  • Roy takes this as an opportunity to start again jumping on the chance.
  • It all feels real to Roy and the AI people present are pretty much human – he begins to fall for someone he meets inside this world. This is Lucy.
  • Their relationship blossoms and for the first time in years Roy has felt truly content, he is a new person.
  • The doctors inform Roy that there has been a development with Roy’s treatment – he may wake up!
  • This plays on Roy’s mind – he starts to feel depressed again.
  • Lucy makes him see that either way – he is a changed person whether he wakes or not.
  • The doctors inform him that he will indeed wake up and they are starting the procedure soon.
  • Roy rushes home and breaks the news to Lucy, he vows to spend the remaining time with her. They visit places from their relationship, some areas are no longer there. Just blackness.
  • Bit by bit the world starts to fall apart from the outside closing in. Lucy is the last thing Roy sees – he awakes.


  • Roy wakes in a hospital bed. The doctors pull him out of the machine. Anger courses through him.
  • After venting his anger on the staff he is restrained and eventually calms down.
  • He asks to go back in but they won’t allow it.
  • Back in the real world he has new found fame as the first successful trial subject of DAWN. From this he gets money and a better flat but something is missing – Lucy.
  • Roy makes a decision – He goes back to the same bridge he threw himself from at the start.
  • FADE TO BLACK: An electronic sound – “Hello, welcome to DAWN Unit.”

7 thoughts on “DAWN: Rough Beat Outline

    1. Well I have two ideas for the world, as its virtual there will be like “virtuality bars” where you can go and load up a certain program and live whatever it is. Imagine like a video game that you’re in but it could be anything haha. The other idea is just a simple one: He can start again. What do you think (:? Thanks for commenting!

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