Guest Post: Chapter 1 – Refuge by Meredith Blake

Hi guys, the following excerpt is from a story she is writing at the moment, no title was submitted but if you go over to “Almond Girl” ( which is her blog then I am sure you can find some more information and give her any feedback you see fit! If you have anything you want featured on this blog or on Fresh Ink, this sites sister blog then send me an e-mail:

Here is the first paragraph, click the link at the end for the full chapter!

“I’m huddled in the overhang of a doorway waiting for Ordree and Leon to come back from their scout so we can return to the loft together. They should be back soon, so I’ll give them five more minutes before quitting. There aren’t any clocks this side of town, but the faint clinking of the gears from the Industrial Quarter is as good alternative as any. Once I get to three hundred clicks, I’ll leave and let them get back on their own. Loitering will eventually catch unwanted attention. Something we definitely do not need right now.”

Chapter 1 – Refuge (242 KB)


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