Escape – 30 Minute Script

I have uploaded a script I wrote for an assignment last year, it was something a lot of my followers here helped me create and without their feedback it wouldn’t be what it is, here is the link to the page where the script is!

Here are some of the articles in which I discussed the creation of the script:



2 thoughts on “Escape – 30 Minute Script

  1. Took a look at the script, up late and can’t sleep. It isn’t a bad idea, but has what some in the industry call ‘un-filmables’ in it, if you were to film it yourself not a problem, but for script readers there are bits and pieces which are for story writing and not really for film. And a given no-no for script writers. Open to chat about it if you would like some real feedback from a script reader. 🙂

    1. Thank you (: This was only my third/fourth script so the feedback I got from this has helped me out greatly and I am now focussing on writing my feature length screenplay as part of my assignment for my final year here at University. But yeah if you could offer some advice so I can go back and clean it up that would be great. If you get the time feel free to e-mail at your help would be much appreciated.


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