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Hi again,

So after my last post deciding on which logline to go for I have now decided thanks to peoples feedback (you were all great and gave me a lot to think about) I can reveal to you that there is two variations of the same logline for now, I will see what my tutor suggests on Monday for the final one.

The two loglines are:

“A discharged soldier battles with his addiction to the virtual world of DAWN, in order to save his brother from a cyber-killer.”

“When his brother’s life is threatened by a cyber-killer, a discharged solider battles his addiction to the virtual world of DAWN in order to save him.”

And now I shall reveal the synopsis as promised, this will hopefully give you a bit of back story to the logline now. The synopsis will likely change as more work and feedback is received and it is a really rough summary of some of the key things in the film…I guess it’s less of a synopsis and more of a brief insight into what I am planning. Anyway here it is:

DAWN is set in the near future and follows the story of Roy, a soldier that was discharged from the Army due to post-traumatic stress after witnessing a horrific event out in the field. When Roy arrived home from war, he was a different person, more aggressive, easy to anger and he fell into bouts of depression. Having enough, Roy’s wife, Charlene, and their daughter, Abby, left. Depressed and alone Roy plugged himself into a world that made sense to him. The world of DAWN.

DAWN is a virtual world that was created to have lots of uses from gaming to training soldiers to medical uses for example giving paralysed patients, like Roy’s brother Mark, a way to walk and communicate and a sense of freedom. Roy was trained in the world of DAWN, the tactics he learned in real life he and his squad mates would put to use in DAWN in real simulations. You can’t die inside DAWN so it is a great way to simulate real world warzones and put into practice what the soldiers learnt with no risk of losing soldiers due to rookie mistakes.

Roy begins to spend more time inside the virtual reality than in the actual world, in the virtual world he could be who he wanted, and do what he wanted with whoever he wanted. Roy is still bitter about being discharged from the Army and DAWN allows him to relive some of these experiences in “simulation bars” where you load a program within the world, just like playing a war video game.

His wife comes back round one day to let Abby see her father and entering the house she finds it a mess and states that Roy is not seeing Abby again until he gets his life together. Realising that he needs to stop frequenting DAWN and spend more time in reality he starts to get his life together and break his addiction to DAWN.

During this, there is mention of a group of suicides across the city all relating to people who have a DAWN unit. The one thing that connects the suicides is that there are no external marks, they appear to have all committed the suicide inside DAWN. There was a failsafe built into the world to avoid death being possible but someone has managed to hack it and allow people to take their own lives, but not take them himself. To do this he is subjecting people to horrors that he can easily simulate in the world and this directly influences the minds of those he is torturing, leading them to kill themselves as a way out.

When one of the suicides is reported to be on a hospital ward that his brother is on Roy takes it upon himself to hunt down this cyber-killer and stop his torment. In a great test of will Roy enters back into DAWN avoiding the things that hooked him previously (Maybe a virtual cyber-drug?) and hunts down the cyber-killer.

As always your feedback is much appreciated, plot wise I am pretty set with what I have but I would love to hear what you all think.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “DAWN – Synopsis

  1. I prefer the second log line by far. The synopsis is good giving enough detail to intrigue. I had to re-read a couple of places as there was a lot of description but it is good.
    Good luck with the pitch.

  2. I don’t know why but I also prefer the second log line, there seems to be more of an emotional hook right from the outset. The synopsis is intruiging enough and leaves plenty of scope for sub-plot/s to be added later. An interesting story. I rather like that your protagonist is on the verge of ditching his addiction and getting his life sorted, when the cyber-killer begins stalking people. It makes him vulnerable, rather than a mere gung-ho soldier boy ready to kick butt. Good luck with pitching this new script idea.

    1. Thanks for the advice, I am about to write up a post with the feedback I have had from my tutor (hint: he wants me to change most of it) so it still has a long way to go before it is set in stone (:

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