Script Reports

Today I had my second lesson of my Script Analysis module and we were given the format for a script report.

For those who don’t know what a Script Report is, it is an industry standard document that production companies and producers and executives would have filled in by a Script Reader. This is usually a 3 page document that helps the producer easily decided which scripts to go ahead with as reading every 90 page script they got would take way too much time.

Over the course of the module as part of the assignments we will be given scripts by our tutor that we have to generate these reports on. These are what we are marked on but I asked her if I include extra ones from other sources whether or not I could get extra marks and she said she would definitely take it into consideration.

So, that said! I am willing to offer my services to you, my readers, as a Script Reader. Any scripts up to a 30 minute, maybe 60 minutes if you message me before hand, and I can do this report, helping you out with feedback and helping myself out with practice and extra evidence to hand in at the end of the module.

If you would like to help me out feel free to email your scripts to:

I look forward to hearing from you!


2 thoughts on “Script Reports

    1. A treatment is usually something the writer would write to help sell their scripts and get them accepted by, for example, a production company.

      You would then hear back yes or no and if yes you would send your full script off, and then the agent or producer or whoever would then pass your script to a Script Reader. The Script Reader would then generate this report giving it a verdict of either “Pass” – “I pass on this script, it’s not for us” etc.

      Consider – Pretty self explanatory


      Recommend – Again, self explanatory “I would recommend we go ahead with this script.”

      Hope that helps!

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