Update 24/09/2012

As you may have noticed, I’ve been publishing a series of articles called Tools of the Trade, in which I talk about the different software I use in my writing process. I originally planned 6 of these, since then I have stopped using one (Microsoft’s answer to Dropbox which is called Skydrive, the reason I’ve stopped using it is because I have more space in my drop box allowance now).

And the last “tool” planned was Microsoft Office 2013 which is currently in a free beta period. I have decided not to run with the Microsoft Office one though as I don’t believe there is a real need for me to tell you why I used Microsoft Office as it is pretty much industry standard anyway, what I will say though is if you are looking for an alternative (a free and legal alternative) then I would look into OpenOffice, all the information about OpenOffice is on their website:

In other news, my lessons at University have started back up and the writing exercises will commence again, meaning I will be generating content for University which I can then begin to upload here, as always any feedback on certain pieces of work is more than welcome if you ever have the time to read through it and suggest anything.

Again, thank you to all my followers it’s you and my love of writing which keeps me coming back to the blog and posting things!


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