Tools Of The Trade: Google Chrome

Welcome to my new weekly feature! Tools of the trade will hopefully run every Friday and I’ll try to stick to that as much as possible. I have six “tools” planned to talk about I may feature more if I can think of any especially with going back to University soon, I will start writing more, therefore using more! So let’s get it started.

This weeks tool is “Google Chrome”, Google’s brilliant browser that everyone should use!

Again I must apologise for the delay, being back at University is busy business, between moving in and unpacking, going to lectures, joining societies etc etc, I’ve been very busy so I apologise for that!

Back to the subject at hand, Google Chrome. Chrome is a fast browser that allows you to do everything quickly and efficiently and also has a few hidden perks which I will go into shortly.

First of all when you start Chrome you are given the option to sign up for/in with a GMail account. I recommend you do this because what this allows is for your bookmarks and settings to be synced up so if you have a laptop AND a computer or you’re using it a networked PC at work or college etc, you will have all your bookmarks between everything. So say you’re on your PC and you want to bookmark something that you would like to take with you on your laptop, just bookmark it and it should appear on Chrome on your laptop too.

This works with the Chrome broweser app on Android devices too (not sure about iOS?). I recently bought a tablet, a Google Nexus 7, and the default browser on that device is Chrome so now I have my PC bookmarks on my tablet too!

Another great feature is the Chrome Webstore. In the store is a wide range of things to help enhance your browsing experience. There’s addons that increase productivity, there’s games like Angry Birds and there’s also probably one of the best inventions ever created. AdBlock, AdBlock is an extension for Chrome and is also available on Firefox, which as the name suggest blocks adverts. It blocks the adverts that appear littered over most webpages and believe me, you won’t miss them! I hate going on a computer without it installed now! But the best feature of AdBlock is that it removes the adverts on YouTube videos too, the really annoying ones at the start and during the video you’re watching. If you live in England and make use of either 4od or ITV Player it also stops the adverts from these services playing too!

I don’t the specific mechanics of how it works but Chrome does something to speed up browsing too, each tab is a different process on your computer, which whilst taking up more memory, it never slows your computer down and what this achieves is a lightning fast browsing speed, tabs and pages load a lot quicker compared to both Internet Explorer (The browser you use to download other browsers).

Chrome is available on both PC and Mac and this is the browser that if anyone ask I always recommend, and now I recommend it to you too! If you use IE, Safari, Opera or Firefox just give Chrome a try, I think you’ll like it.

You can download it here:



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