Tools Of The Trade: Celtx

Welcome to my new weekly feature! Tools of the trade will hopefully run every Friday and I’ll try to stick to that as much as possible. I have six “tools” planned to talk about I may feature more if I can think of any especially with going back to University soon, I will start writing more, therefore using more! So let’s get it started.

Welcome to this wees Tools Of The Trade, sorry it’s later than usual, I moved house on Saturday so all day Friday was spent packing and I don’t get the internet in my new house till tomorrow but I managed to get down to the University library to write this article!

This weeks tool is Celtx, a free piece of script/novel writing software that manages your scripts for you. It will help keep you organised and you get a wealth of features for free. For example, not only can you write your scripts inside the software you can also store biographies about all your characters and every time a new character speaks in the script a character entry is added to your scripts database.

Your scripts formatting is done automatically, all you need to do is write. Well, ok it’s not that simple but it IS this simple: At the bottom of the screen it gives you the instructions you need, the shortcuts, to get the script formatted.

Pressing ENTER will take you down a line in the screenplays directions, but press it again and it will change to a Scene Heading. This allows you to begin your next scene and because it knows what part of the script you are intending to write, in this case a new Scene, it will create a new scene in the Scene List at the side of the page. This lets you clickly navigate your script as the pages increase.

And with the rise of “cloud” services, Celtx now offer you an online storage solution where you can sync your scripts and novels too, and if you buy Celtx premium, you can even edit your scripts online.

It truly is a great piece of software and for the grand total price of nothing, what are you waiting for?

You can learn more and download the software from the following location;


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