Feature Film Plan – Draft 1: Part 1!

So, I haven’t been posting a lot recently due to A) Laziness, B)Playing video games and C) When doing neither of those things, Writing!

I had been doing it the traditional pen and paper way, and today I wrote up the first chunk of the plan for my as of yet untitled Feature Film. Below you can find the PDF of the first draft which clocks in at 2026 words, which funnily enough is the year I will end up completing my degree if I don’t stop procrastinating!

As a side note this was the first document I have written using the new version of Microsoft Office, Office 2013. At the moment it is in Beta and anyone can download it an use it! And it’s very good, I may do a feature on it tomorrow even demoing it and showing you the good points and the bad points, but for now here is the link for those techies who are interested: http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/officepreview

Back to the piece of work here it is, I hope you enjoy reading it and as always I look forward to your comments and constructive feedback!

Feature Film Plan


One thought on “Feature Film Plan – Draft 1: Part 1!

  1. Very entertaining so far. I know you’ll change the names…using your own name for the protagonist is never a good idea, as it’s too difficult to find adequate distance and one’s own character traits are likely to creep in (unless you want that to happen, but that will make it very hard to accept critiques from your peers and your tutor:) ). It occurred to me that Lizz could be a distant relative of Cropsy as your twist?

    I feel it needs stronger cliff hangers to get you through the build up until you get to the portal bit. Simply relying on the shadows is not enough – how about having a sinister island/camp person as a red herring? Somebody with a questionable past who might be perceived as a threat to the children? He/she could have moved into the neighbourhood recently and the other camp/island dwellers are concerned about the situation. Remember what I said about the last script needing more than one obvious villain? Cropsy couldn’t possibly be alive at the time your script is set, so you either need to make him a more obvious ghost “herring” or come up with a third possibility to throw your audience off the scent and into guessing.

    The idea of the otherworldly visitors “turning” a few children to deal with humanity in case the existence of the portal (and therefore other worlds) is discovered is excellent. It leaves another “twist” opportunity in that the “turned” child might turn into a young adult who has ideas of his/her own and now must deal with a dilemma. Should humanity be prevented from progressing at any cost? The “turned” child might feel that not all humans should be viewed in the same light and might try to reason with the shadows from the other realm.

    Great stuff, can’t wait to read the next instalment!

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