Music That Inspires Me: Don’t Let Me Fall by Lenka – Ukulele Cover by ‘BridieBunny’

Music That Inspires Me is a regular (usually weekly) feature here on Words Form Windows, it is my chance to share with you the music that I listen to when writing or that I find inspirational in other ways. 

My inspirational music this week comes from YouTuber, WordPress Blogger and a friend of a friend of mine called Bridie. She has recently started a YouTube channel to which she uploads ukulele covers of songs, that range from Sesame Street to Six Pence None The Richer.

I guess in some ways for this post, it’s not just the music that inspires me but the person! It’s a hard thing putting yourself out there onto the world of the internet on such a public place as YouTube.

And, as I mentioned, she has a blog too! Her blog, Teatime With Bunny, is a poetry blog which she writes too occasionally and I fully recommend going and reading some of her work. You can view her blog here. And check out her most recent video below!


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