Blocking Your Emotions With Other Peoples (And This Weeks Writing Prompt!)

Do any of you do this?

I rarely get sad, but when I do can I be the most miserable and moody person in the world. But as I said this is rare, because I usually bottle stuff up and deal with it internally which I believe I am quite good at doing. A lot of the time I take a “screw it, what’s the point of worrying” approach. Because what is the point? I hate being sad so I choose not to be.

And another way in which I can ignore my own feelings and forget about them is to help others. And helping others for me can be seen as a really selfish thing to do, because it helps me put my own stuff into perspective and I get a great sense of satisfaction from knowing that a majority of the time (I hope anyway) that I have helped them and cheered them up.

And you could argue that well, if you’re helping someone, then it isn’t really selfish at all, because yeah, you’re getting enjoyment and satisfaction out of helping them, but at the end of the day that’s just a nice bonus for dishing out the advice. Right?

But there is two sides to everything and giving out advice can actually be counter-productive to raising my spirits. Mainly when you give out advice and people just ignore it. Completely.

For example, someone will come to me complaining about something, and if they’re seeking my advice on something they usually know me well enough to know I won’t be like; “Oh that’s so sad, the world is against you.” I’m more of the mind to say; “That sucks, but you’re an idiot. Here’s what I believe to do to make it better. It’ll all work out in the end.”

And fair enough if they ignore my advice because they don’t believe it’s right for them, what annoys me is when they agree and you know deep down it’s possibly one of the right things to do, but then they just do the complete opposite anyway.

This all stems from the fact that my dad is a trained counselor and a Social Worker, so in a way I’ve basically been in therapy all my life! But on a serious note, you do learn a lot even if you aren’t yourself a trained professional, and I believe I’ve always had a good knack for identifying problems and working round them logically, and it is something I’m quite proud of to be honest.

As I said in an earlier post, this summer hasn’t been the best due to a break up, and money worries as I’ve had to pay extra out for a new flat deposit as when I broke up with my girlfriend my housing plans for my last year at University fell through too. But hopefully things are looking up. I have a house sorted, I’m living with a close friend and I think it’ll be a good laugh. Just need to get my money back from the house I was originally meant to be living in come September, then I guess I’ll be back on track!

So keeping in theme with emotions and the link, this weeks writing prompt that is this:

The main character of the story/poem/letter/whatever has a problem that she is trying to hide and forget about, but try as she might she just can’t hide it any longer!

This one seems a little tricky I know, and it may end up needing a bit of time, but hey, if they were all easy none of you would be challenged!


4 thoughts on “Blocking Your Emotions With Other Peoples (And This Weeks Writing Prompt!)

  1. I’m trying to imagine just how many ways a character can actualize upon a problem which they must finally face….. and I’m coming up with some pretty extremist ideas!

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