“…I felt like a character in a Dinsey movie, and I half expected the squirrels to start talking as I followed the property line south from the gatehouse.
That gave me no comfort. Bad things happen to good animals in some Walt Disney movies. Think of Bambi’s mother and Old Yeller, the former shot down in front of her child, the latter foaming at the mouth with rabies and killed by the boy who loved him. People don’t always fare better. Even the sweetest of princesses gets poisoned by witches. There was a touch of Quentin Tarantino in Uncle Walt.”


– Odd Apocalypse by Dean Koontz


6 thoughts on “Quote

  1. It’s a great quote. I used to like Dean but I can’t stand first person in fiction so I stopped reading him. I read one Odd Thomas novel and it was okay but I found the first person perspective so annoying I almost didn’t finish it. Oh well, loved most of his earlier work until he started getting too sappy, then first person. Lately, he’s been delving back into third person again. Maybe I’ll give him a shot again.

      1. Daniel,

        I’ve always found first person annoying and too restrictive… too limiting in scope. It doesn’t feel right to me either. That’s the simplest way I can explain it. It hasn’t set right with me since I was a kid way too long ago. Third person has always been a better fit for me unless it’s non-fiction, like an autobiography. That’s a different story. First person in non-fiction autobiography is essential. In fiction, forget it. It sucks, to me at least. Some of my favorite people like to write first person. I don’t hold it against them!

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