My Views On Writing With A Pen And Other Stuff

I hate writing with a pen. In this age of computers and virtual keyboards on our phone screens the need for a pen is growing less and less. When I write I use a keyboard for obvious reasons, and even in University writing isn’t that much of a must, and even then it is the odd scribbled notes.

But what’s hard is after a summer not writing and you finally start doing some, in a notepad, your hand aches so much. Well, mine does. If you hate it, why then are you using it? Good question!

I have recently started using pen and paper for two reasons;

1) When you’re at computer typing there is so much to distract you, from checking Facebook to tidying up all those random Desktop saves. But if I put my music on and then go sit on my bed, using pen and paper, then I can’t be distracted…as easily.

2) When I eventually get round to typing up my work, that in itself can act as a redraft before you even start the numbered save files with all the incremental changes.

Unfortunately I haven’t done enough writing this summer at all, when you do nothing all day Β over the summer, just wasting time till University starts again motivation starts to leave and when you have no motivation you can’t motivate yourself to find any and it’s just a vicious circle.

As far as summers go this has been one of the worst, although since going to work in America for two months back in 2010, every summer will feel lesser to that. Me and my girlfriend broke up this summer too, which obviously has had bad effects on my productivity, when you feel so bummed out it’s harder to motivate yourself. And like I said above, you need motivation to motivate yourself to get motivated. It sucks but it’s true.

I have tried my hardest to keep the blog active, and hopefully I will have some writing work in the next couple of weeks for a friends charity so I will have to be motivated for that, and I am also looking after a friends house for a month, she lives in a huge house and has the most adorable dog, so that will give me something to do every day, walking him.

Sorry I haven’t got back to the comments left on my writing prompt posts, I’d just like to let you know I have read them and I have loved all the work so far, and I hope you will all keep submitting them and eventually I will get round to the comments, there is just a bit of a back log now, which was through my own laziness.

I hope everyone is well and you haven’t abandoned me! I’m nearly at a 1000 followers now, which when I break that barrier I will be a very happy blogger!


19 thoughts on “My Views On Writing With A Pen And Other Stuff

  1. At least I’m not the only one who has lost almost all motivation this summer. I’m just waiting around for classes to start back up and never feel like doing anything.

    I like to write with a pen when the mood hits me, but because of my carpel tunnel (nerdy I know) I can’t really write for that long or read my writing. I do agree though, writing with pen and paper does help with focus.

            1. You should do! Go book a ticket right now πŸ˜› You should see which of your followers are from England, get to know them and then you’d have free places to stay all over the UK (:

    1. Well as it goes, it’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all!

      And yeah I’m glad I’ve finally got there, I guess just so much stuff was blocking it but now it’s fading the creativity is coming back (: I’ve been writing notes on and off all day whilst just relaxing with music, it’s a great feeling (:

  2. I carry a small notebook everywhere for notes, which i write in pen, then transcribe on my laptop. I also find the actual transcription can act as a draft of an idea, to tighten up and expand the initial thought. I write many notes in the little book and my hand aches often. And plenty times, i can’t read the writing. But i still like this link to the pen.

  3. I know what you mean. Pen and paper! Being a programmer, I thought I would have given them up by now. But I still require them to make rough OO designs and perform rough calculations….

  4. Motivation hasn’t been my friend either–on some days I just sit and stare while waiting for something big to hit me. xD But I haven’t realized that it could actually be dependent on my mood. Not that I’m feeling particularly crummy, but I haven’t felt that great either. But I hope things pick up for you. πŸ˜€

  5. Writing is framed by its medium – so pen and paper produces content with a very different feel from the computer. Lord Dunsany used to write with a quill; you can pretty much tell, I think, stom his style.

  6. It’s true, computers distract a lot! And those distractions are the perfect excuses for covering the fact that writing is SO much intertwined with what we deeply are and feel that procrastination and laziness almost seem self-defence moves. However, don’t worry about not producing, just keep up uploading other stuff until you get the inspiration. Your posts about music or life itself are pretty interesting in themselves. I’m also really sorry to read this is such an awful summer for you, specially because summers last sooo short and winters are long and depressing enough in themselves πŸ˜‰

    I’ve just had an idea! Now that you’re going to be looking after a friend’s house you could start a diary of your stay and… who knows! Sometimes, when imagination fails, prosaic reality can become the best of friends. Best of lucks, Daniel!

    1. The diary idea is actually a really good idea (: Who knows, I could start making stuff up in the diary too if my day was boring πŸ˜› Thanks for your concerns of my summer, and the winter may be long and dark but I love the winter ^__^ It’s my favourite time of the year haha

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