Something that always makes be ponder…


15 thoughts on “Something that always makes be ponder…

  1. Since English is the most difficult language to learn.. I’m glad to have learned it at a young age. — Now, I’m finding it difficult to learn other languages.

      1. Well, they’re still available if you ever find that you have the time and the patience to learn something new. Just be sure to stick with one for the time being; it’s hard enough without confusing yourself with the rules and such of another at the same time.

          1. Japanese is a very interesting language. I’d learn it for the women alone; which is why I haven’t bothered. French, German, and (less likely) Italian have attracted my attention over the years. Languages of romanticism. I think it would be very interesting to speak more than one language fluently. Still waiting for that day to arrive.

            Start out slow with either of them and build up a friendship with those who fluently speak it. Learn all that you’re able, surround yourself with the language, listen to music and the like, and I’m sure you’ll be speaking it in no time.

            1. I never thought of listening to music in the language! I guess that’s actually a realllly good idea haha.

              Yeah Japanese is interesting, I think the reason I want to learn it so much is because I really want to visit there and I would feel so out of my depth being so far away from home and not knowing the language. At least in another EU country there will be a higher percentage of English speakers in the main city. Or at least I think there would be.

  2. then you have words that are similarly spelled, but sound very different, and vice versa like: though, tough, bluff, through, threw, throw, thorough, borrow etc.

  3. Amazing! Never thought about it that way! What a strange language English really is, but it’s the only one I know quite well!

    1. It is a strange strange language indeed but I’m glad I know it from birth lol, considering there are a lot of English speaking countries in the world it’s such a great universal language

  4. Doing these kind of things on my writing blog right now. I can’t even imagine trying to learn English as a second language!

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