Saw this and I have to say it mad me literally “lol”. On the subject of lolling and my blog, I always try my hardest in my posts to not rely on internet acronyms and smiley emoticons in my work.

I don’t know why though, as a lot of my posts are uninformative and are just me talking about my life or my experiences and on-line I do use “lol” and “rofl” and near enough in every sentence I will put the relevant smiley face;


They are the ones I use the most, but they don’t make it into my writing here. That’s a lie actually, when writing I will unconsciously end a sentence with the aforementioned smiley faces and have to force myself to go back and change it as I don’t want to taint my blog with them.

And this is a problem in my scripts too, I will write a line of dialogue and because it is written speech, akin to what a text message is, I will sometimes right “lol” instead of putting in the direction “he laughed out loud”. This isn’t a common problem, just when I seem to get drawn into the dialogue I am writing and I lose my sense of self and become the characters that I am writing.

So this is another reason when writing on my blog I try to stamp out the use of this sort of writing behaviour in my posts (comments are okay, a nice 🙂 can go a long way in a comment to make you not seem stand-offish).

To bring the comment example back from a second ago, sometimes smiley faces ARE acceptable, especially when texting or instant messaging. For example if someone said something to upset you and they say sorry if you reply saying; “it’s okay”, someone could take that to mean that it really isn’t okay and you’re “just saying that”, whereas if you put “it’s okay (:” then it hints towards the fact that it is ACTUALLY okay.

Because one of the biggest flaws of communicating through chunks of text is that you can’t actually communicate. Not really. Because a huge chunk of communication is through facial expressions and body language, we don’t consciously know we’re doing it but when someone is talking to you face to face we absorb everything they are doing and translate this into meaning, and make assumptions about how they are feeling based on the prior patterns we have learned over the years of growing up.

A step back from this is the telephone because you lose all that, though the voice does remain and this is a damn sight better than text but still not good enough.

What are your thoughts on this? …. (:


5 thoughts on “lol.

  1. I think language progresses and many words we use in everyday language have come from acronyms and abbreviations somewhere along the way. Blogs and text messages are a platform on which some language has evolved and, because we are speaking to someone else remotely (usually with great speed), these more convenient “words” arise. (Still not totally comfortable with calling something like “lol” a word though!) It is a fascinating lesson in language evolution. However, in prose and other writing, the words are everything and can convey so precisely how you feel and think, as well as actions and even desciptions of abstract ideas. As long as one can use the accepted and most effective style, and use it accurately, all writing is a perfect way to express something with real precision. I definitely prefer it to hearing my own voice…LOL 😉

  2. I’ve been looking for this meme!
    Thanks 😀
    I agree with your point. Text-based conversations can turn on their heads because of lack of any non-verbal messages to go along. I usually stick to appropriate emoticon to go along with my message. No interwebs-lingo though.
    PS. It is hard not to cringe when people take lol a step ahead and make it into ‘lolzzzz’.

  3. Emoticons will never replace the basic interaction you receive from human contact and body language, but it will always be a start. I know that Text can be a rough way to communicate; more than once I have had large misunderstandings in intentions in what was said. Personally, I will always prefer verbal and face-to-face communication.

  4. I treat my blog as an extension of me talking, so if I feel like smiling I will type a 🙂 (or even a lol! now and again). I actually wish I could remember the characters to use for more smileys other than the smile and the wink, but that would stop my train of thought.
    I think that blogs are great methods of communication and, as I am usually a person who smiles when she talks (well, if she likes the person anyway…), the same applies to my blog.,
    However, if I was writing a serious or information-type post then I would probably leave the smileys out… I guess…;)

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