Thank You: Paula Reeves-Carrasquillo

As with the last donation I received I would just like to thank Paula for her contribution to my blog. She very generously contributed some money to help with the running of the site and I would just like to take this moment to express, how very grateful I am Paula!

Paula’s book: “Escaping the Boy: My Life With a Sociopath” is available to buy on Amazon for under $5! 

“One of the least diagnosed members of the population is also one of the most destructive: the narcissistic sociopath. There is nothing romantic or advantageous about being a sociopath and having no conscience. Sociopaths are good at going unnoticed by the rest of us because, unfortunately, they are good at pretending (lying) and wearing many masks (again, lying). Simply put, they lie to themselves and everyone else. They lie so much that some of them are convinced of their own lies, which is where evil is born.

I am no psychologist, psychiatrist, or counselor. However, I have lived alongside a sociopath and feel the need to share, even if in a tale-like fiction setting, how I understand the psychopathology that insidiously penetrated my body, mind, and spirit until I was nearly convinced that I was the evil one. How? Projection, transference, and control, that’s how.

This biographical story describes the evolution of the boy, the epitome of a narcissistic sociopath. Chronicled are his many abuses against his friends, girlfriends, fiancées, wives, family members, and the nature of humanity itself.

Is it possible to break free from such a person unscathed? Is it possible to beat such a person at his own game? Can good triumph over evil? Will the boy ever understand what he is? Or is it up to the rest of us just to stay out of the way of narcissistic sociopaths?

Awareness is at the heart of the story. Awareness brings power and strength. Readers will walk away from this story wondering if the person who is hurting them is a narcissistic sociopath too. (It‘s very possible. Do you want to take the chance of never knowing?)

The Resources page of this publication provides a list of recommended websites, organizations, and other books to help improve, increase, and foster each reader’s growing awareness of narcissists, sociopaths, and their connection to domestic violence and abuse.

Knowing you are not alone in your struggle to deal with such evil is the first step in purging your life of that evil.

Paula Carrasquillo
May 2012”

If you have the time go check out her work at the link below and if you like what you see subscribe to her to keep up to date. Thanks again Paula (:


3 thoughts on “Thank You: Paula Reeves-Carrasquillo

  1. Thank you, Daniel! I wish you the best and absolutely enjoy your work. With your passion and talent, you will succeed. This post was a pleasant surprise considering my family and I have been living without power since Friday. I live in the Washington, DC area, which was hit by violent thunderstorms and high winds. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Opening my WordPress app to find this post made my day! You’re the best. 🙂

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