Goods News!

Yesterday I pointed out that the domain registration was running out on and that it would have to revert to (how boring aha).

Step up Monica Pierce! Monica, who runs a brilliant blog called Stalking Fiction, just so happened to read my post from yesterday and she sent me a quick email saying she would donate the money to host the blog to me.

So a round of applause for Monica! can carry on as it always has.

Monica told me that every year on her birthday she tries to do something nice for someone else, and not have the whole day be about her (it just so happens that she has the same birthday as me too! (25th June)). I thought this was very inspiring and selfless acts always leave a mark on me, because as humans we are selfish normally.

And I don’t mean selfish in a horrible way, but everything we do we usually do for ourselves, whether if it is eating food so we carry on living, or do something we love to make ourselves happy. I try to help people where I can and I think I do a pretty good job, but doing something for someone else for YOUR birthday, is unprecedented in my experience. I was just very moved and it has helped me want to be even MORE selfless, and take a leaf out of Monica’s book!

Check out her blog and if you like what you read follow her and keep up to date with her writing. You can also keep up to date with her books, her first novel “Girl Under Glass” will be available in July 2012


5 thoughts on “Goods News!

  1. Aw, you say the nicest things, Daniel. It’s money well-spent IMO. I like to help fellow writers and that your need coincided with my birthday tradition was just a bonus. But you’re wrong about it being selfless. It makes me feel good, and isn’t pleasure one of the greatest human motivators? ;D

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