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I found this article on a website some of you may have heard of called io9, in the article it shows the differences between modern fairytales and how censored they are from their origins. Definitely worth a read.


10 thoughts on “An Article For You

  1. When I was a kid, my mother bought me a huge hardcover book of popular fairy tales in their original, gruesome forms. The book quickly became a favorite of mine.

  2. Mr Disney has an awful lot to answer for.
    Most fairy tales taught life lessons and none of them had happy endings originally. IF you can get hold of a copy ‘Women Who Run With The Wolves’ by Clarissa Pinkola Estes is essential reading. This lady is not only a qualified psychologist she is one of her tribes ‘legend keepers’ and her feminist analysis of these stories is fascinating.

  3. i remember reading Pinochoccio when my daughter was little she had started reading it on her own and I couldn’t understand why she go so upset So I picked up and read it, interesting how disney skipped the scary blue fairy and him being set on fire

  4. Most fairy tales we read today have been neutered, sliced, diced and politically corrected for modern consumption. Written in different eras with different writing standards, skills and social standards, they’ve all been “evolved” for us, whether we want them that way or not. In a lot of cases, as others may have mentioned, they needed it, while others may have been politically corrected too much, depending on who you ask. The point of these stories is the moral. Sometimes, maybe it’s a different one than originally intended, but the kids today don’t know. As long as it’s done for good, historians can worry about the originals.

  5. I remember reading Hans Christian Anderson as a kid, and it was a pretty grim affair. Everyone died in every story, and the Little Match Girl was just about the saddest, bleakest tale ever written.

  6. This was a good article. I’ve seen some of the original stuff, and it’s nothing like Walt showed us. I like the non-Disneyized versions, myself.

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