Music That Inspires Me: Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

This weeks song is Stronger by Kelly Clarkson. I chose this song as I have always liked Kelly Clarkson, even though she was a TV competition winner she still realised good songs and is actually still around today unlike many of these shows winners (especially the ones here in the UK). I picked this song in particular because of the lyrics, even if this type of music isn’t your thing if you take the lyrics (which are words, something this blog is all about) and get their meaning you see that a lot of people could benefit from this. Without further ado here is the video, below is my short story influenced by this song. Please feel free to write a similar short story of your own in the comments!

‘What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’, that’s what they say right? Mentally, sure, physically? Not so much. I stood there watching my sister unable to breath on her own, her heart unable to beat of its own accord. Wires and tubes connected her to a hub of machines.

She isn’t dead but she can’t even lift a finger without focusing her entire being on it. That doesn’t look stronger to me.


I left the room then, I couldn’t look at her like that. It hurt so much. I’d never been there for her, never had much contact. We were totally different people, she was loved by our so called ‘family’ and one mistake from me, one month inside for something I don’t even remember doing, and they’re gone from my life.



Okayyyyy I know I lowered the mood after the inspirational song, but I didn’t wanna carry the tone of the song over to the writing because I wanted to do something different. Now it’s your turn, feel free to write something inspired or based on the song above.


2 thoughts on “Music That Inspires Me: Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

  1. I’ll definitely dance this when I’m on my feet again! For now, I’ve listened to it a hundred times and sing along. About yor writing, I think I understand what you implied. We tend to jump into the “it’s killing me” mode too swiftly. Maybe, what doesn’t kill us, makes us wiser?

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