Possible Website Mockup

Hey guys, what do you think of the attached picture for a potential website?

It would be a simple one screen page, hosted with a domain similar to my name, “DanielPostlethwaite.co.uk” for example. And then you would click the button to take you to the website in question.

It’s just a quick mockup and it is 3am here so I’m a little tired aha. Another idea I had is to give a brief description of the blog under each of the button, explaining which is which.

Website Mockup

Also, just a quick reminder, Words Form Windows has a Facebook page!



8 thoughts on “Possible Website Mockup

  1. how about the description pops up when you mouseover the graphics? beneath the graphics can be a running slideshow of anything you find interesting or connected to each blog.

    1. I thought about the description when you hover over, I know a small amount about creating websites from when I was in college 3 years ago, so I could definitely look into that, or post in some forums if I don’t know. It’d be cool if I could pull content from the blog and display it in the “slideshow” for example any pictures I include in the blog or excerpts of writing (but they goes way beyond my experience and ability)

    1. I don’t know if it would have a specific audience, it’s a website that I could put in my business cards/email signatures which will act as a hub to both my blogs and any more I start up in the future (:

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