I will be working on a few projects of my own over summer and the one which I have officially decided on and the first one I’d like to unveil is working on a collection of short stories set in the same world.

They will be based in the same world as a previous short story that I have written which you can read here. They will be Steampunky/Post-Apocalyptic, set in the future though rather than the past, in a world covered in sand. The sand is explained in the short story I have linked.

The working title of this collection of stories is “Sandworld” which is very unoriginal I know, but it’s too the point because after all they are set in a Sandworld aha. But it’s only a working title and I’ll think of something as I go but one word came to mind earlier when I was walking home. And this word is “Adelaide”, now I can’t decide whether it should be a character name, the name of a town, or the name of the country/world that these stories are set in.

The reason this word came to mind? I was walking back home past a sign I have walked past many times before and this sign read, “Victoria Street”, and Victoria clicked in my head, sending me back to my story set in a Steampunk world, and what timeframe are most steampunk stories set in/based on? The Victorian era.

So thinking of streets name to inspire my story I thought back to a street I lived on for ten years, and this street was called Adelaide Street, and there is something nice about that word/name. So I decided I would like to use it in my story. One plan was to have a character called Adelaide AS WELL AS a the country, with her being named after said country.

What do you think?

It’s amazing how trains of thought work, I even previously wrote an article on this very subject.


4 thoughts on “Adelaide

  1. I don’t think the character name and the world should both be called Adelaide… maybe the character? But I love the name anyway, and I’m looking foward to these stories!

    Also, what kind of genre is Steampunk?!

  2. Hey Daniel, thanks for coming to my blog and following. Re your question, I think you could have the character named after her country or region if you like, but you’d have to have a reason. Are her parents very patriotic? Is she a ward of the state, and are all such girls called Adelaide? Bear in mind the members of the royal family who were called Adelaide around Victorian times, as that will affect why you region might be called Adelaide. Also bear in mind that there is a city in Australia called Adelaide. Not that that should stop you using it, but you don’t want confusion, so you need to be clear about it’s imaginary status. Cheers, Imelda.

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