Solar Eclipse From Space

So yesterday was a the solar eclipse and I can’t tell whether this is an actual photograph from a satellite or the space station but it is breathtaking to behold. I don’t the original credits for the picture but I took it from this Facebook page.

Unfortunately I never got to see the solar eclipse as hardly any form of eclipse is visible in England.

Speaking of the space station, it is so amazing that people are living out there. I have always wanted to visit space but unfortunately I have not been yet. But with the rise of “space tourism” it is looking like by the time I die I will have been to space. The biggest

pioneers in space tourism at the moment are Virgin Galactic. For $200,000 (deposits starting from $2000) you can secure place a trip to space.

Or actually just to the edge of space. I recommend you give this a read, it reads like a mini story of your emotions they expect you to feel as you go through this journey.


4 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse From Space

  1. This is not the actual eclipse, but a digitally created image by a Japanese artist known as A4size-ska on the web site, deviantART. Too bad someone grabbed it without crediting the artist.

  2. Mr Daniel,

    We saw it from Las Vegas. My astronomy club, the Las Vegas Astronomical Society, went up north to Cathedral Gorge where they could see the diamond ring, but I couldn’t get enough vacation time so I had to stay down here where I could still see most of it. However, I’m not a huge fan of eclipses. I’m more into deep sky objects like galaxies, nebulae and star clusters. So, Saturday night, the evening before the eclipse, I went out to a spot on the north shore of Lake Mead and looked at some Herschel galaxies, faint fuzzies, you might say. Had a great time. As for the eclipse, Sunday afternoon, I punched a hole in a piece of cardboard, went into the back yard, projected the sun on the back wall of the house, went ooh-aah, and went back inside. The girls came out and looked real quick because they were watching Game of Thrones. A while later we all came out again and saw it after the peak, then went back in again. During the first view, the sky was dark and weird looking, which is typical, and all the animals were quiet. I think that’s the best part of the whole thing!

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