An Update

University is finished! That is my third year complete just one more to go!

And then after that last year it’s out into the wide wide world, unless I stay and get more in debt (by doing a masters aha).

So what will I do with my time now? I honestly don’t know. At the moment I am going home for the summer until September. So with nothing to do I will have to create things to do for myself to keep myself occupied.

And that thing is….writing! Next year for my University course I have to write a feature length script and do a dissertation (among other modules), so my plan is to work on a few ideas for this and then start to work on it over summer, giving me enough time next year to draft and redraft and redraft my redraft.

So there will be updates on that over the summer, but what else can you expect? Well, I want to focus more on this blog too, but I’m not quite sure what sort of content to create for it. My vision for my blog was originally a place to share my work and my writing but recently it has become a series of personal posts and things that have interested me or that I have been thinking about, for example you may remember the gay marriage post a while back, as well as the one regarding the existence of aliens. But I needΒ more.

So, with that I am creating a rough schedule and I will try to post an article to this schedule, these will Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This may take a while to get going because I will need to have a think about what I want to talk about, and what should go when, and if I am posting that often I will have to plan ahead. I’m thinking the Friday post will be “Music Which Inspires Me” as these seem to have been like by most of my readers, and it pleases me to share my musical interests with you all. I may try to put a spin on this, maybe: “This inspires me, how does this inspire you? Write a piece based on the music.” Sort of like Picture It & Write, but with music, Listen & Write I guess! What do you guys think about that?

Another thing I may me doing (although probably not regularly) are video updates which are something I’ve mentioned previously but we’ll have to see about that depending if I can think of a unique “angle”.

I have also update the Spreadshirt store. There is now a selection of Fresh Ink goods as well as mugs and pins, and t-shirts in different sizes and types for men, women and children!

I will also be looking for a job over summer, I am thinking about going to an agency and trying to get some sort of writing work as I want work experience that is fitting my career and not just in shops working behind a till.

What are your plans for the summer? I’d love to know!


20 thoughts on “An Update

  1. Grats on completing your third year. Hope your fourth year goes smoothly. I plan on getting another job, reading, writing, blogging, and finally applying to grad school.

    You really should go for your master’s or MFA if you can get a fellowship or apply as a TA. It’s like going to school is your job. That’s the only reason why I’m applying.

    The “Listen & Write” idea is great not only to spread musical goodness around, but to get more readers who happen to listen to what you like (sadly, I like obscure music so it doesn’t work for me).

  2. Howdy. I followed you back from my blog, fromdreams and, after lurking about a bit, would like to come out and play.

    Listen & Write – I have created various Playlists on my iPod to play while I write. You might play something and blog about where it takes you–the emotions, scenes it brings up, whatever. When I was a child, I often listened to classical music–eyes closed and dreaming pastoral scenes, rushing rivers, flowing clouds past mountains and wild cavalry charges.

    Would you consider blogging once a week about your writing process this summer? Perhaps something like what I am doing, only yours would be in present time, “on the fly” so to speak?

  3. All you have is this moment. Make it count, and reprogram your mind to forget the future, because tomorrow never comes..

  4. Congrats! And it’s great that you are getting organized, always helps to put things in perspective πŸ™‚
    Btw, thanks so much for dropping by my page. I always appreciate new visitors πŸ™‚

  5. I have to write a feature length screenplay next semester too! I’m going to school for film production and want to end up writing/directing, possibly editing as well. I downloaded your final draft of escape but haven’t had time to read it yet. I look forward to your summer writings!

    1. Oh that’s awesome (: Any ideas for it yet? I will make sure I pay close attention to your blog whilst you’re writing it. And thanks for downloading my script I hope you like it if you find the time to write it.

      With regards to my summer writing, I am in the midst of planning what I will do, I’m looking in to developing a world in which I wrote a selection of little stories based around a character called Ella. I’m first going to revisit her and do a “prequel” to the world she is in and her story, and then write some more stories based on the world with new characters and stuff πŸ˜€

  6. Hi Daniel. Thanks for coming by the blog, even if it was on an ‘award’ day. πŸ˜‰ Re getting work over summer: if you can get a writing job, that will be great, but don’t stress too much if you can’t. A job where you have a lot of contact with people is excellent for a writer. To write good stories you need to have something to say and living is what gives you that. Work at your job and write what it teaches you at night.

  7. Hi Daniel, congratulations on completing your third year of studies! Can you set yourself a writing that would still allow you to relax a little, read for pleasure, and recharge your batteries? One thing you will probably not have after next May is a big chunk of time in which to write. Once you graduate, and have to support yourself, time becomes very precious.

  8. Good luck! I’m pushing through my fourth year right now – would really encourage you to start keeping your eye out for any sort of writing work you can find. Particularly online gigs if the local market’s dry – pay is virtually non-existent but it gives you a foot in the door like Plath’s proverbial mushroom. Then squelch your way into an internship, part-time position, freelance gig – whatever.

    Hard to separate the “purely writing” from the personal, isn’t it? Same thing happened for my blog…I guess it’s just hard to divorce the two.

  9. I’m completing my 3rd year today with one more to go! can you believe we have to be proper grown ups soon? My recommendation for the summer is to make it epic. It’s the last one you will have before having to get all serious and get a real job.

    1. Well last summer I worked full time, and the summer before I worked in America for a couple of months, so this summer I have nothing planned other than writing as I have no money to do anything cool aha, although I am going to hunt down work hopefully, not many jobs in this area though.

      1. I’m a total believer in you don’t need money to have an epic summer. Jobs are hard to find right now everywhere I think a lot of my friends are looking for work.

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