A painter has an easel…

…a writer has this.


12 thoughts on “A painter has an easel…

  1. Is a writer not an artist???
    I think you mean a painter has an easel.

    An artist choses their medium; whether pen, brush, camera and so on.

  2. So true. Good thing I’m better at getting words on paper than pictures on a canvas 🙂 It’s too bad, though because I’ve always wanted to be a painter but didn’t have the talent to back it up.

  3. Actually I wish I was that organised, I try to make a point of carrying a notebook everywhere but to be honest the ‘scratch’ pile of notes beside me at the moment consists of a collection of scraps torn from brochures and leaflets, bus tickets, the sides ripped off the cigarette packets of strangers, take away restaurant menus and serviettes from Starbucks. Looking at that lovely empty page makes me think that it’s probably time to start sorting and collating them before they get lost altogether.

  4. True, that is my ‘easel.’ As some have already pointed out, as writers, we are artists that paint with words. And, I still write out my words, line by line to feel the flow of creativity; no different than a painter and his/her brush.

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