Your Thoughts: Do Aliens Exist?

This will be a short post I think (ok so it turns out that I have written 600+ words, I got carried away) but I hope that it will get as good a response as my earlier posts.

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So my question this time is;

Do you believe Aliens exist? And if not, what are your reasons? Whether is religion, fear of the unknown, not enough scientific evidence, I want to know.

My stance:

I believe Aliens do exist. I don’t believe they have ever come to Earth, although I’m not saying they haven’t either, just that I personally think it is unlikely. (But then again, there have been so many sightings and conspiracies it makes you go hmmm…)

Back on topic, the way I see it is this:

We are primarily matter, and matter exists all throughout the universe, from one end to the other (which may not even be possible as there may not be an “end” to the universe, but you get my meaning).

Moving a long way up from matter we are cells and organisms that require may things to survive, but the most important is liquid water.

And liquid water can only exist if the planet, moon or any celestial body, if just right. And these “just right” planets are also known as Goldilocks planets (clever huh? (I have provided a few links about Goldliocks planets at the end if you want to do some further reading at what they are and the ones we think we have found.))

Perhaps the most famous of these planets is Gliese 581g. Gliese 581g is a planet that lies around 20 light years away and it orbits a red dwarf, a dying star, and it is in the stars habitable zone.

The main problem with this planet though is that it turns at a speed relative to its orbit around the sun. What this means is that one side of the planet is always facing toward the sun, which obviously means that the other side is always facing away.

Which obviously is a strange concept, and indeed it is. What this means is that the side that faces the sun is too hot and the side which faces away is too cold.

But the interesting thing is that this means there is a thin band of temperature which is just right (which means that the actually world as a goldlocks zone too). What scientists believe is in this band, which is going to be a constant perfect temperature, liquid water could exist.

And as you know from earlier, liquid water is the key to potential life. But what does “life” mean in this sense.

Of course if there is anything there it could just be microscopic bacteria, but they are “life forms”. And of course if there is a chance there is microscopic bacteria there is also a chance that it could be evolved. It could be a type of mammal, a fish living in the water etc.

Or there could be no life.

But that’s not to say because there is no life on that one planet there won’t be somewhere else. The universe is immeasurable, at least with today’s technology, so out there somewhere there is more than likely a planet which rotates around the sun just like Earth and is the same distance away as Earth, has an atmosphere just like Earth and may even have life which blogs just like we do. They could be cave men still, they could be an advanced race with blasters. They could be germs so small that our microscopes couldn’t even see them, but they could still be there.

And that is why I believe aliens exist. Even if they are just a speck in a primordial soup, still in their early days of creation.

Entire races could have flourished and died along with their Sun (as we eventually will) without ever developing the tools or the technology to make contact.

The universe is big, and we humans, are so so small. Isn’t that scary?

Goldilocks Planet Links:


28 thoughts on “Your Thoughts: Do Aliens Exist?

  1. Very insightful and thought provoking. I personally agree with you Daniel. And if you ever reveal my people’s origins and whereabouts we will have to have you labeled insane and put in an asylum. Have a nice day. END TRANSMISSION>>>>

    1. Aha I swear I won’t tell. (Take me with you in your spaceship?) on a serious note, I’d love to go into space so much, when I’m rich I will definitely be booking a flight with Virgin Galactic (an actual branch of Virgin media)

  2. Do I believe in aliens (from other worlds). I suppose that’ s one way to look at angels and demons. They are definately not from this earth. Otherwise, I doubt it. That said, if God could make us, it’s possible He created other worlds too.

    1. Aren’t Angels and demons sort of “ethereal” also, do you believe heave would be a planet somewhere else or is a place that transcends all this?

      My definition of alien is actually physical matter, that said if Angels are real as you believe then there is no reason they shouldn’t be made of proper matter. In fact that makes the basis of a pretty good story aha. Although I’m sure it has been done before.

      1. We Didn’t Call Them Aliens Thousands Of Years Ago. We Called Them “Gods” 🙂
        All Religions Today, That Have A Basis In Human History, Come From Humans Who Dealt With Extraterrestrials. The Stories Change Over Time But, If You Trace Them Back To Their Origins, You’ll Find They’re All Practically Identical.
        People Just CHOOSE Not To Believe It.
        Such Is Life, Eh?!?! hehehe

  3. I believe that we simply could not be the only forms of life in this vast universe.

    However, as a writer, aliens, monsters, demons and those humans we call beastly do exist, and not just on the page. if you can’t make the reader feel that they are as real as you and me then you haven’t believed in your own story. So do aliens and monsters simply vanish into the trashcan of human primordial misconception if no one believes in them anymore or do they hide and wait until we are at our most vulnerable?

  4. I believe that we couldn’t be the only living creatures in this vast Universe.
    As a writer, demons, monsters, aliens and the humans we call beastly do exist. We have to believe in what we write. If we can’t for one moment make a reader believe, then we are not very good story tellers. So if we don’t write or believe about these otherworldly incarnations do they simply just fade into the trashcan of human primordial misconception? Or do they just hide until they reveal themselves when we are at our most vulnerable?

    Thanks Daniel for this delightful blog that actually made me ask the question about why as a reader and not a writer that there has to be something out there because why else would we be scared of the unknown?

    See you.
    E. J.

  5. I really hope they do exist, cos the humans aint doing good job so they will come and select a few “the chosen ones” and take them to their planet and repair this one and then send them back..I pray that i be chosen…( not kidding)
    Loved your post 🙂

    1. Hey (:

      Thanks for nominating me, but I’ve taken on a new stance about blogging awards 😛 Check the bottom of my “About Me” if you feel like it (:

      Thanks again and the gesture is really nice ^^

  6. The universe is huge, and there is no way we are the only ones, to believe we are the only ones, is the old fashioned belief of our ancestors who were brainwashed by religion, into thinking “God” created us and this planet for our benefit so we were unique. I think not…

  7. For reasons far too many to get in to, and for many you’ve already identified I think there is life out there. We humans like to believe that we’re the only intelligent species on the planet – this is debateable. We also like to believe that we can claim the planets around us as if by living on the 3rd rock from the Sun somehow gives us free reign over the cosmos. This must seem hilarious to any intelligent life ‘out there’.
    If I were an alien visiting this planet, I’d be terrified about being caught. Plausible deniability is safer than full disclosure. Capture would result in certain dismemberment and the confiscation of every item in possession. I wonder if its easy to purchase travel insurance for a trip to Earth. I guess the odds are great that they won’t ever see their home world again. It would therefore be an extremely BAD idea to visit planet Earth and try to engage in any of it’s official’s without backup or at the very least a fantastic amount of ammunition in reserve – something that would most certainly be, conveniently or not, misinterpretted as an act of war, resulting in certain disembowlment and the confiscation of everything.
    The movie District 9 explores this idea beautifully as does ET, Paul and the mini series V.

  8. Yes of course there are aliens out there how can there not be? I simply just believe that the universe is too big and not explored enough yet to say there aren’t aliens

  9. As an amateur astronomer for 45 years, of course I do. However, have they ever been here? I have serious doubts. I used to believe so, but after so many years and so much time to think about it, I’ve come to the realization that probably not. I’ve seen a few UFOs in my time, but that’s exactly what they were, Unidentified Flying Objects. I cannot say they were alien spacecraft controlled by intelligent beings. They were “unidentified.” So, no proof of aliens here. I’ve read various books on alien abductions and visitations and though some of them seem believeable, I have to take them with a grain of salt. Maybe, maybe not. Also, we’re a little blip next to a minor sun on the edge of an average galaxy. For an alien intelligence to want to visit us would not only be a huge economical undertaking for them, but why would they want to? What do we have they they could want? Maybe curiosity, but if there are so many millions of other planets out there, it would just be luck of the draw that they chose us instead of someone else. So, in conclusion, I do believe there are other alien civilizations out there. Have they visited us or may be here now? I seriously doubt it or they’d have said hi by now in a more public way. I can’t see them just observing us. If they are advanced enough to come all this way for all that money, they wouldn’t just observe us like lab rats. At least I don’t think so. I could be wrong. Then again, I’m not a conspiracy buff.

  10. Sorry about the double posting, my computer shut down and kindly in its own way told me that the post was lost. Perhaps it was someone from you no where not wanting us to discuss them.

  11. I believe that since we cannot yet see beyond the Milky Way Galaxy, we cannot possible know whether or not aliens exit.

    1. Ledia, actually we can see well beyond the Milky Way Galaxy. In fact, last Saturday night, I was looking at two galaxies way beyond the Milky Way. Sorry, I’m an amateur astronomer from way back. I was doing the Astronomy Day thing at Red Rocks in Las Vegas! However, you are also right in the fact that unless an alien actually comes up to you or I and says hi, we’ll never know for sure so I don’t know any better than you do whether they are really out there. I think so, but just a feeling, not proof.

  12. I absolutely believe they exist. I remember my grandpa telling me, when I was very young, that I should never be afraid of meeting an ET because if they had meant any harm, they would have already done it. So, I grew up in a family which takes the idea of extraterrials as a natural one. Later, as a teenager, I read many books by Asimov and the like to have “scientific” proof of it. It all sounded sooooooo logical, you can’t believe people saying no to the thought. However, a little later in life I met some people by chance; everything pretty normal, human beings from all sides, but still, there’s something about them that… I often wonder who on Earth is a national.

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