It’s That Time Again

Time for me to share my work!

As you may know I have been working away at a thirty minute script called Escape, I have had some amazing feedback over the writing process, something which will help when I write my reflective essay .

The script is due in tomorrow and I have included the final version on this post on the off chance someone finds the time to read it and spots any grammar or spelling mistakes or continuity by around 3pm tomorrow (UK Time). Plot wise it is going to stay the same I think unless something glaringly obvious sticks out due to it being in tomorrow and needing to other work for Friday.

I would just like to thank everyone who has got back to me with feedback either on here or over on my Facebook page.

After my last deadline I am going to start thinking about and planning my first feature length film which I will develop and write to be handed in this time next year, so the earlier I get started the more drafts I will have and the better it will be! Hopefully this will be written on a shiny new iMac if I manage to get the money for that!

Below is the final draft of my script Escape. I hope you enjoy it.

Escape – FINAL (PDF – 34 KB)


11 thoughts on “It’s That Time Again

  1. I’ve been having trouble opening your links, seems to be better now the computer has had an upgrade though.
    Looking forward very much to your full length script and to catching up on what I’ve been missing over the last wee while

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