YouTube + Working in America

I am obsessed with YouTube, from vloggers to music video’s.

I remember way back when when YouTube was this crazy new service and thinking back to then from now the service has grown into an unbelievable tool.

Unknown musicians can become known, artist can share their work, amateur film makers can upload their video’s etc.

But I would honestly say the thing I watch most on YouTube are the vloggers. Making money from doing a thing you obviously enjoy is a great thing especially with how it opens up many doors to other things.

For example a vlogger I watch frequently is RayWilliamJohnson, I have watched him over the past year or so and have watched as it went from obviously just being him on his own to getting a production staff and a feature of the show “Comment question of the day” (where people upload a video response asking a question and you then answer in the comments of the video, the best comments get put into the show at the end), has seen many celebrities recently asking questions. And very recently Jason Biggs of American Pie fame popped in to host part of the video.

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...

Another vlogger I also watch and I have to say he is one of my favourite people in the whole world is Toby “Tobuscus” Turner, there’s something about him that just makes him hilarious and he does a wide range of things from music videos to game commentaries etc. He also records daily vlogs on his iPhone and uploads them to YouTube, and that’s every day. He clearly loves what he does and it shows with the work he produces.

In fact, I tried my hand at vlogging a while a go but I let negative comments get to me, something which I have since learnt not to do, helped in part by this blog. I would like to start them again not proper vlogs about my day because at the moment I don’t live a hugely interesting life aha, but I think I would enjoy reading poetry or whatever, who knows maybe I will.

I am saving up for an iMac at the moment and my birthday is in June so hopefully any money from that will help buy it, so who knows with better equipment I make end up making vlogs and then you can hear me read my work out! Yay you guys!

That depends on whether I get the money or not, I should do though which will be good.

I have a lot of saving ahead of me if my current in the making plans get the go ahead. My girlfriend had decided to go travelling around Australia (if anyone is reading from Australia, hello to you!) and at first I was sad because A) I would miss her and B) I’d be stuck in England on my own.

But then she said to me: “Why don’t you do something? What would you love to do?” and I instantly answered with:

“I would love to go back to New York”

As some of you may know I worked in America a couple of years ago in PA, at a Summer Camp and after the two months there I went to New York and stayed there on my own for three days and did some sightseeing and the general touristy thing. But, and I know this sounds cliche, I fell in love with the city while I was there. I had always dreamed about visiting somewhere like this and there I was on my own with the ability to go anywhere in the city. I was amazed and I loved every minute and I was so sad the day I had to come home.

But this chat with the girlfriend made me realise that this is what I should do, while she is away I should go to, go back to New York or even just America in general and work there, there are plenty of “Work America” programs here in the UK that would allow me to do that so I have now sent out a few speculative emails and hopefully in a year or two I will have enough money saved up to go and do this. I could even meet some of my lovely readers (most of who are in the US), for a coffee and a chat! (Is anyone in New York?)

I am now looking for a job at the moment, and have been for a while, to help fund the dreams of an iMac and going to America aha, hopefully I will find one, though I would love to do something related to writing as opposed to working in a shop aha.

On a really cheekynote, I have a donation button at the side ( ;D ) if anyone would be so kind to fund either of these dreams and help me through University, I would be very grateful, I will even write you a poem!