The Animal Olympics by Rachel Boothroyd

Hi just a quick post to let you know that a fellow student of mine has published her book onto the Kindle. The description from Amazon reads:

The Animal Olympics are coming to London in a few weeks time and Hopper the Kangaroo, Flipper the Walrus and Fluffy the Rabbit are getting excited. They have all entered a competition to take part in the Games. Follow their journey from the Opening Ceremony through to the Awards Ceremony to see who will win the most medals…

Whilst I haven’t read this particular book I have read her work before in class and I can tell you that she is a very good writer, and for less than a £1 you can’t go wrong!

Check it out here.


3 thoughts on “The Animal Olympics by Rachel Boothroyd

  1. It’s not an age range I write for very often, but I know, how fiendishly difficult it is to get it right. One is very restricted to the number of words on a page – since there are drawings to be considered, so it’s really good excercise for writers. Well done to your friend. Hope it goes well.

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