Escape Script – Draft 4!

Hi, sorry for the lack of posts recently, I fell into laziness of the Easter holidays aha, but I am back and with a new overhauled version of my Escape script that I have been posting for feedback.

At the end of this post you’ll find the updated draft. If you have any time spare I would be very greatful if you could have a read and give me some feedback.

I would just like to say a huge thank you to the people who have given me feedback on the blog and also through my Facebook page, you guys know who you are and you have helped me make the script a lot better.

Thanks again and look out for some more posts coming your way soon.

Escape – DRAFT 4


11 thoughts on “Escape Script – Draft 4!

  1. Words Form Windows. I like the surprise element and suspense at every point in the script. I found it enticing from start to end. The characters are heartless (Benji, Sarah, Isaac) but I guess they need it to “escape”.I think the story line is well thought out and well executed. Maybe you could do a little spell check, name Isaac appears at the end as Issac…maybe this is deliberate. Also some words are repeated like it took, it took should be page 23. Maybe a little more on search by police normally you cannot attack a police officer and get away with it. I could make it more thrilling by having more police cars with sirens chase Sarah and how she escapes. Just a thought. I think this is definitely a best seller. Great read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. A bit scary though.

    1. Hi, thanks for the feedback, I will correct that typo asap (: Thanks for letting me know.

      With regards to a police chase, I might think about it but it would make it more complicated as the script is just 30 minutes in length and too fit everything else in there would be no space. Also if it was to be made a lack of a chase would involve less of a budget 😉

      I am thinking of turning this into a longer script though once I have handed it in to my tutor as this is an assignment, so I may put it in then (:

      Thanks again for your advice and feedback, I really appreciate it (:

  2. Hi Daniel. I liked it. The only thing I think is when Sarah grabs the Junkie, I don’t thik he would say whoa sorry, I think he would be more likely to start swearing at her to get off him or something.

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