The sky is blue.



14 thoughts on “The sky is blue.

  1. The writer did mean the sky was blue, until a New Yorker book reviewer pointed out that she believed the writer was making a statement about hope. The writer agreed that was just what he was had i mind…lol nice job

  2. It doesn’t matter what you write, even with a clear theme or message, subtext is subtext. Whether you meant it to be more than a blue sky as in hope or whether or not it was just a sky that was blue, the trials and tribulations of a writer or in Derp’s case a student aren’t always funny. But in this case it gave me a chuckle. Thank you.

  3. this reminds me of a poem i wrote about 28 years ago when i was taking a test to get “out” of college and start working. the questions seemed so random and stupid that i felt like someone was watching through a secret window and laughing. like electrodes should have been hooked up to my brain as an experiment.

  4. In this vein, you will have tons of fun with a flash fiction piece I will publish on April 8. I am dying to see what your internal “Lit teacher” does with it! Have fun and share your twist. I’ll bust a gut, I’m sure! Great cartoon. Ain’t it the truth!

  5. O that picture takes me back to my hateful university days when I studied literature and linguistics…the mindless nonsense some people are determined to discover between the lines. Now, if the writer had stated the sky was tartan or even custard coloured…

  6. This made me laugh, and reminded me of why I avoided literature classes from my seventeenth year onward. Philosophy and mathematics made me a much better (and less self-conscious) writer than literature would have.

  7. Well, this is a riot…I wrote something along these lines on my blog about some pretentious students who ran a poetry magazine when I was in college…love these cartoons, too…my Brazilian friends are really into them. Thanks for following me…I’ll be checking out what you’ve got here, for sure!

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