Top 10 Reason To Write With A Partner

Lukeknwls brought this to my attention today, telling me we need to get around to actually writing a script together like we’ve been saying we would.

To back up his argument he sent me a link to an article which is interesting to read, because not only is it informative but it is also funny, and funny helps in articles, alleviates the need to just think “tl;dr” (which stands for “Too long, didn’t read.”)

Here is the link:


13 thoughts on “Top 10 Reason To Write With A Partner

  1. I think collaboration is an excellent idea, but not before you have your own creative visions out of your system first. Two or more people may or may not always have the same agendas. I’ll never overlook the possibility of working with someone in the future. I have invited you to post your creative visions on my blog’s comments section after any entry, and that invitation still stands. Keep on with your creative visions from start to finish–that makes you a successful writer regardless of the outcome.,-Finishing,-Success!&id=6931582

      1. Cool. Both you and Luke can kick around ideas and post them on my Camp Sporaticus and/or Anything Theater blogs. If you search AnythingTheater on wordpress, you will see my blog I have on Blogger, but it’s not updated on wordpress until the end of every month.

    1. Hi, thanks for you comment. Sorry I haven’t replied to your invitation to write for you I’ve been so busy at the moment, I have deadlines coming up soon, but if you get in touch with me at: I will be more than happy to keep it on file and when I’m free get involved.

      In regards to this comment, you’re right, you definitely need to branch out on your own when you first start out to find your own voice etc. Me and the person in question have lived with each other for years now and know what each of our interests are. This also wouldn’t be a sole focus of mine, just a side project.


  2. I have always wanted to write with a partner, but never managed to find one. I keep suggesting to my brother that we write a comedy script together, but as we live on different continents, it hasn’t worked out yet.

    1. Different continents shouldn’t matter, especially with emails and Skype etc, I guess time zones would be a big difference, but even then there are certain times you could arrange to meet up online and do work. Have you stopped by it’s currently in its early days but eventually collaborations could be seen from it or come out from it.


  3. Teal deer

    j/k, interesting article. I enjoy collaborating with other writers and I definitely feel like I need some kind of support system for many of the reasons listed, but I definitely don’t think I could write something big/major (a novel, for example) with a partner. I’m definitely a solo writer. 🙂

  4. I want to write with my sister, but I guess we’re not quite ready for that yet.

    I found the article very interesting, but – you do have to consider each other’s agendas. You can be friends for years and still not really know deep down inside what the other is really like.

    Also if there are is no inate skill and/or talent, it doesn’t matter how well you get on with each other, you will never succeed as a writer of novels, plays, screenplays, or anything else.

    Show you have the talent, get it out there and then be picky with who you chose as your writing partner. Be wary of those who come to you asking to collaborate – jumping and bandwagon come to mind.

    Personally, I don’t want to share the glory with anyone else 🙂 … not yet, anyway!

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